Congregational Holiness Churches

Congregational Holiness Churches

Dear Pastor,

The Congregational Holiness Church, Inc. and the Gospel Messenger Publishing House are pleased to announce our endorsement of Stewart Signs as the official supplier of Congregational Holiness Church outdoor signs.

Stewart Signs was selected on the basis of their unsurpassed quality, fair price, and superior service. The Stewart sign is one of the finest signs available on the market, and their dedicated service team will support your church's sign project from initial selection to final installation. We believe that there is no better quality outdoor church sign available for a more reasonable price. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. You can have total assurance of a high caliber sign that will majestically herald the name of your church to the community in both a dignified and stunning manner.

We encourage you to consider a Stewart sign. Their staff is both personable and informative. They work very diligently to answer all questions and to help your church create an outdoor sign that meets your church's needs. We are confident that Stewart Signs will provide you with top-quality service.

Congregational Holiness Churches

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    • Furnish you with a quality product at fair prices
    • Provide you with superior service and prompt delivery
    • Stand behind our products with an outstanding warranty
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