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Since 1968, Stewart Signs has been providing quality signage to organizations across America. With over 40,000 satisfied customers, our signs have proven to not only meet but exceed our customers' high expectations. We strive to provide each customer with the highest quality product at a reasonable price, while offering superior customer service. Rest assured that when you choose a Stewart sign, your investment will last for many years to come.

EBSCO Industries

Stewart Signs is a division of EBSCO Industries, one of the top 200 privately held companies in the United States. EBSCO was established in 1944 and employs over 4,800 people worldwide.

  • Our Management Team

    Stewart Signs is dedicated to providing your organization with a sign that will last for many years. At the same time, we are a customer focused organization and believe that 'the customer is king'. Our management team offers many years of combined experience and is committed to achieving the highest level of customer service in the industry.

    Scott Tappan Scott Tappan
    Vice President of
    Sales and Marketing

    Lafe Bianche Lafe Bianche
    Director of
    School & Municipal Sales

    Robert Smith Robert Smith
    Director of
    Church & Civic Sales

  • Our Sales Team

    Each of our sales consultants receives ongoing and thorough training in the design, placement, construction and installation of signage. Your consultant stands ready to assist you through the sign selection process.

    If you have not yet contacted us, please use our contact form. If you have already been assigned a consultant, please feel free to call or email them directly.

    Alex Dix Alex Dix
    1-888-237-3928 ext. 212
    Austin Weiffenbach Austin Weiffenbach
    1-888-237-3928 ext. 206
    Brian Underwood Brian Underwood
    1-888-237-3928 ext. 244
    Brittany Steier Brittany Steier
    1-888-237-3928 ext. 239
    Chad Woehnker Chad Woehnker
    1-888-237-3928 ext. 213
    Charlie Miller Charlie Miller
    1-888-237-3928 ext. 216
    Clayton Brumby Clayton Brumby
    1-888-237-3928 ext. 202
    Colin Lane Colin Lane
    1-888-237-3928 ext. 245
    Corey Moody Corey Moody
    1-888-237-3928 ext. 226
    Fred Pupke Fred Pupke
    1-888-237-3928 ext. 249
    Greg Winch Greg Winch
    1-888-237-3928 ext. 221
    Jack Howard Jack Howard
    1-888-237-3928 ext. 225
    Jane Hyde Jane Hyde
    1-888-237-3928 ext. 174
    Jennifer Burman Jennifer Burman
    1-888-237-3928 ext. 227
    Jeremy Yax Jeremy Yax
    1-888-237-3928 ext. 246
    Joe Steier Joe Steier
    1-888-237-3928 ext. 140
    Josh Turk Josh Turk
    1-888-237-3928 ext. 183
    Kimberly Carlin Kimberly Carlin
    1-888-237-3928 ext. 243
    Laurie Pierson Laurie Pierson
    1-888-237-3928 ext. 234
    Mark Deutschle Mark Deutschle
    1-888-237-3928 ext. 208
    Mark George Mark George
    1-888-237-3928 ext. 215
    Michael Helman Michael Helman
    1-888-237-3928 ext. 224
    Paula Bishop Paula Bishop
    1-888-237-3928 ext. 232
    Ric Ricciardi Ric Ricciardi
    1-888-237-3928 ext. 265
    Rob Smith Rob Smith
    1-888-237-3928 ext. 284
    Robert Supe Robert Supe
    1-888-237-3928 ext. 204
    Sarah Murphy Sarah Murphy
    1-888-237-3928 ext. 209
    Shay Einhaus Shay Einhaus
    1-888-237-3928 ext. 231
    Tim Crowe Tim Crowe
    1-888-237-3928 ext. 238
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    • Serve you with integrity
    • Furnish you with a quality product at fair prices
    • Provide you with superior service and prompt delivery
    • Stand behind our products with an outstanding warranty
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