TekStar LED Signs

Congratulations on your purchase of a Stewart TekStar LED sign! With proper use, you can expect to enjoy your Stewart sign for many years into the future. We recommend using the video tutorial below to get started with your TekStar sign. Printable instructions are also available.

Sign Command LED Sign Software

Sign Command is the software used to control all Stewart TekStar LED signs. We recommend using the video tutorial to get started with the software. Printable instructions are also available.

Download the
Sign Command v1.10.27
Version v1.10.27 • 21MB • EXE

After installing the software, be sure to
Request a Software Activation Code

Frequently Asked Questions for TekStar SC

Date and Time : How do I change the date and time from the Sign Command software?
TekStar : What is a TekStar?
Pixel : What is a Pixel?
Matrix : What is a Matrix?
Open Sign : How do I open my sign?
Temporarily Connect : How do I temporarily connect to my TekStar LED sign?
Light / Temperature Sensor : How do I replace my TekStar light/temperature sensor?
USB Box : How do I replace my USB box?
Vandal Cover : How do I replace the Vandal cover or face of my sign?
Memory : How much memory is available on my sign?
TekStar Face : What is the TekStar face made out of?
Wireless Link : What spectrum is used for the wireless link?
Wireless Network Connection RF Survey : Does your Wireless Network Connection include a RF survey to identify interference that would require a higher gain antenna?
Antenna Replacing : What is the approximate cost of replacing our antenna with a high gain version?
Wireless Network : What type of network connection is required for the Wireless Network Connection?
Lifetime Support : Does the “lifetime support” include the Wireless Network Connection?
Light / Temperature Sensor : What is the TekStar Light / Temperature sensor?
Cowling : How do I add the Cowling to my sign?
Brightness : How do I adjust flourescent bulb brightness?
Turn Off Sign : When should I turn my sign off?
Vinyl Letters : How do I apply vinyl letters?
Cleaning : How do I clean the sign face?
Cleaning Waxing : How do I keep my sign looking new?
Hacking : What prevents someone who has your software from hacking our sign?
Wireless Link : What specific spectrum band are you proposing for the public unlicensed wireless link?
Wireless Antenna : What is the approximate cost of replacing the Wireless antenna with a high gain version?
Lifetime Support : Does the “lifetime support” include the wireless link?
LED : What is an LED sign?
Unload : How do I unload the sign from the delivery truck?
Power Supply : How do I replace a power supply?
LED Module : How do I replace an LED module?
LED Module Power Connection : The power connection is different on my new LED module. How do I install it into my sign?
DayStar Media Upgrade : How do I replace my Sign Controller with a PC Controller?
Wall Mount Sign : How do I install my Wall Mount Sign?
Graphics : How do I create Graphics for my LED sign?
Graphics Library : How do I access the Graphics Library?
Freestanding : How do I install my Freestanding TeKStar Sign?
Activation Code : Where do I get my Sign Command Software Activation Code?
Wireless Setup : How do I set up my wireless communication device?
Software : Where do I download the software for my LED sign?
Static IP : How do I change or set a static IP on my computer?
Using 208VAC/3 PH Circuits : Can I connect a sign to 208VAC, 3 Phase power service?
MENCOM Box : How do I lock my MENCOM Box?
Ballast : How do I replace the ballast for the fluorescent bulbs in my sign?
Edit Images : How do I edit images for my sign?
Cleaning : How do I clean, maintain, and remove graffiti from my sign?

Files for TekStar SC

Sign Command v1.10.27 | v1.10.27, EXE, 21MB 2/2/15
TekStar User Manual | , PDF, 1.64M 2/11/16
LEDSet 2.0 Diagnostic Tool | , ZIP, 0.00M 9/8/14
TekStar Quick Start Guide | 2015, PDF, 0.64M 4/21/15
Ubiquiti Discovery Tool | 2.3, ZIP, 0.12M 6/23/15
General Masonry Mount Installation Instructions | , PDF, 25.00K 12/8/14
Sign delivery instructions, General | , PDF, 0.10M 12/8/14
TekStar Upgrade Package | 0d12.1023/1.10.27/LEDset2.0, ZIP, 43.73M 3/5/15
Sign Command User Manual v1.10.xx | v1.10.xx, PDF, 3.39M 3/5/15
Sign Command Quick Start | 1.10, PDF, 0.18M 5/4/15
208 Three Phase Requirements | , PDF, 1.04M 2/4/16
Stewart Cell Modem Form | V2, PDF, 0.23M 3/1/17