TekStar with DayStar Media LED Signs

Congratulations on your purchase of a Stewart TekStar with DayStar Media LED sign! With proper use, you can expect to enjoy your Stewart sign for many years into the future.

DayStar Media LED Sign Software

DayStar Media is the software used to control all Stewart DayStar, DayStar Defender, DayStar EXP and TekStar DSM LED signs. We recommend using the video tutorial to get started with the software.

Download the
DayStar Media Software
Version v3.7.4 • 49.35M • EXE


Download the DayStar Media Manual
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Frequently Asked Questions for TekStar DSM

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Matrix : What is a Matrix?
Open Sign : How do I open my sign?
Cell Modem : How do I install a Cell Modem?
Animated Graphics : What do I need to make my own animated graphics?
TekStar Face : What is the TekStar face made out of?
Wireless Link : What spectrum is used for the wireless link?
Wireless Network : What type of network connection is required for the Wireless Network Connection?
Brightness : How do I adjust flourescent bulb brightness?
Turn Off Sign : When should I turn my sign off?
Vinyl Letters : How do I apply vinyl letters?
Ballast : How do I replace the ballast for the fluorescent bulbs in my sign?
Graphics : How do I create Graphics for my LED sign?
Graphics Library : How do I access the Graphics Library?
Wireless Setup : How do I set up my wireless communication device?
DayStar Media : What is DayStar Media?
Software : Where do I download the software for my LED sign?
.NET : How do I install .NET Framework 3.5 on Windows 8, 8.1, or 10?
Static IP : How do I change or set a static IP on my computer?
Using 208VAC/3 PH Circuits : Can I connect a sign to 208VAC, 3 Phase power service?
Connect to Sign : How do I connect to my new sign, change the IP address, and update the firmware?
Share Playlists : How do I setup DayStar Media to share playlists over my network?
Manage Playlists : How do I manage/move my playlists in DayStar Media?
Playlist Location : How do I change permissions for the default DayStar Media playlist location?
Temperature : How do I adjust the temperature on my sign using DayStar Media?
System Requirements : What are the minimum system requirements for DayStar Media?
Firewall : How do I disable Windows built in firewall?
Connect : How do I connect if auto-detect cannot see my sign?
Directory : How do I clear the directory of my sign running DayStar Media?
Spanish : How to type Spanish letters into DayStar Media?
USB : How do I setup USB communication for my TekStar DayStar Media sign?
MENCOM Box : How do I lock my MENCOM Box?
Non English Characters : Can DayStar Media type non English characters?
Can DayStar Media type Chinese characters?
Edit Images : How do I edit images for my sign?
Cleaning : How do I clean, maintain, and remove graffiti from my sign?
What is the Live Software Training?

Files for TekStar DSM

DayStar Media Software | v3.7.4, EXE, 49.35M 6/15/16
TekStar User Manual | , PDF, 1.64M 2/11/16
TekStar Quick Start Guide | 2015, PDF, 0.64M 4/21/15
Ubiquiti Discovery Tool | 2.3, ZIP, 0.12M 6/23/15
Creating Graphics | , PDF, 0.15M 2/2/15
Creating Video | , PDF, 36.00K 2/2/15
Special Characters in DayStar Media | 1, MP4, 5.77M 5/6/15
Communication Introduction | 2015.11_rev_1, PDF, 1.01M 12/2/15
DayStar Media User Manual | v3.6.0, PDF, 1.52M 11/30/15
208 Three Phase Requirements | , PDF, 1.04M 2/4/16
Daystar Media software agreement | v 3 .x.x., PDF, 68.00K 5/13/16
Stewart Cell Modem Form | V2, PDF, 0.23M 3/1/17