5 Motivating Quotes for Church Signs in the New Year

Church SignsEvery year seems to pass more quickly and somehow, 2017 is almost over. As people look forward to the new year, they may be looking for a little inspiration. As a church, you can be the guiding light for your congregants and passersby alike.

Need some inspirational church sign ideas? Take a look at these motivating quotes for your church sign this New Year:

1. Simple Statements

Sometimes, you don’t need a ton of words to make a loud statement. This New Year, look for ways to spread the Word without saying much at all. Here are a few ideas:

  • “New year. Same God.”
    This message gets the point across very clearly without a lot of fuss. It simply reminds people that, although there are many changes happening all around them, God is always here to welcome them with familiar, open arms.
  • “God wants daily commitments, not New Year’s resolutions.”
    In 2018, it’s not about saying what you can do, it’s about showing what you can do. This sign reminds people what resolutions are truly about—commitment and action.
  • “Let your resolution be His solution.”
    What a great way to remind people that they’re human. Everyone needs a little guidance, and, as people struggle to make (and keep) their New Year’s resolutions, God is always available to be the solution to their problems.

2. Straightforward and to the Point

Many people make resolutions to put their vices in the backseat when the new year rolls around. Your church can speak volumes in terms of renewed outlooks with great church signs that something that resonates with people passing by. Consider these options:

  • “Gossip is the devil’s postman.”
    It’s untowardly to speak of others in a negative manner, but it can happen to people with even the kindest of hearts and best of intentions. This sign reminds people to keep negative thoughts to themselves and look for the good in others before finding fault in their neighbors.
  • “Honk if you love Jesus; text while driving if you want to meet Him.”
    Electronic devices have seemingly taken over the world. As more people become more connected to instantaneous communication and on-the-spot answers, others are trying to learn how to disconnect because the results of being too reliant on technology can be devastating. Use a little humor to brighten a serious situation and remind people how dangerous texting and driving can be as they take on the new year.

3. Forward-Thinking Thoughts

It’s never too early to make a play on some of the inevitable things to come in 2018. Here are a few messages that could make an impact for your church as the calendar year starts turning pages:

  • “No property taxes on a home in heaven.”
    As the old saying goes, there’s nothing certain in life except death and taxes. For those who are looking for salvation or redemption, this statement will ring quite true. For church goers who already enjoy the gospel, they’ll likely get a giggle from this statement. After all, everybody wants an eternal home where taxes are no longer applicable.
  • “Prayer is like having wireless access to God—without the roaming charges.”
    Remember roaming charges? You never knew when they were going to show up on your cell phone bill, costing you more money than you budgeted for. Give a nod to the past while encouraging your congregation and passersby to get into prayer – after all, prayer is free.
  • “God Answers knee mail.”
    Put a spin on words and emphasize the need for prayer with this humorous sign.
  • “There’s more to life than increasing its speed.”
    This kitschy play on today’s need for high internet speeds works well, especially with today’s youth. If you’re trying to speak to the younger people in your community, this sign will remind them to be more grounded as the new year gets going.
  • “You have one new friend request from Jesus.”
    Merge popular social media trends with religion and spirituality with this fun sign that reminds people Jesus is a friend indeed.

4. Being a Better Person

Sometimes, New Year’s resolutions are simply about creating a better self. Whether they speak to religion or the real person within each of your congregants, these messages will likely have something more to say than the words on your church sign:

  • “When you throw mud at someone, you lose ground.”
    Along the lines of gossiping, being a bully is often more detrimental to oneself than it is to the recipient. Remind congregants to look at themselves before throwing stones, as they lose a bit of themselves with each handful they toss at someone else.
  • “If you are more fortunate than others, build a longer table, not a taller wall.”
    It’s easy for people to wall themselves off and ignore others less fortunate. This message reminds people to invite those less fortunate in, rather than pushing them away. A longer table will feed many people; taller walls will keep others out.

5. Eating Better

Even churches can play on the typical New Year’s resolution of eating better. A twist on Godly messages and humorous word mixes can work well for attention-grabbing church signage.

  • “Forbidden fruits create many jams.”
    If your followers don’t want extra seeds between their teeth when they make their New Years resolutions, they’ll heed this warning. As an added bonus, consider having an open house with fruits and cheeses the day you post this message. It will make a for great fellowship, welcoming both regular congregants and new visitors alike.

Before you can post a motivational quote outside your church’s doors, you need to have outdoor signage that can display your message properly for all to see. At Stewart Signs, we’re proud to say we’ve been helping our clients spread the Word for nearly fifty years. With an incredibly experienced staff at the helm of each project, you can rest assured we’ll help you get your message across. Learn more about our church signs today by contacting us at 1.800.237.3928.

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