Customer Spotlight

  • "We gave serious thought to getting an actual stone sign," says Dustin Mizell, youth pastor at Maranatha Bible Church in sunny southeast Florida."But it didn't make any sense to go that route. Not...Read More

    — Dustin Mizell
    Lantana, FL

  • Several years ago Plantation Community Church in south Florida received an out of the ordinary telephone call from someone in the community."I have a complaint," issued the calm female voice at...Read More

    — Chip Plank
    Plantation, FL

  • When Hurricane Ivan came through Atmore, AL in September of 2004, it left Presley Street Baptist Church with the need for a new church sign."Our old church sign was made of a single piece of metal...Read More

    — Joseph Walker
    Atmore, AL

  • "We should have had Stewart Church Signs build our levees," proclaims Pastor Luter."Then our levees might not have burst." Pastor Fred Luter was born and raised in the city he loves best: New...Read More

    — Fred Luter
    New Orleans, LA

  • "We gave serious thought to getting an actual stone sign," says Dustin Mizell, youth pastor at Maranatha Bible Church in sunny southeast Florida. "But it didn't make any sense to go that route. Not...Read More

  • Oftentimes there is a defining moment when a church becomes keenly aware they need an outdoor sign. For the followers at Cedar Bluff First Baptist Church that moment came in late 2004."A visiting...Read More

    — John Hooker
    Cedar Bluff, AL

  • On the first Saturday of October, 2005, Garden Baptist Church in Aliceville, Alabama installed their new Stewart Sign on what would later be described by those present as a most joyous...Read More

    — Raymond Robertson
    Aliceville, AL

  • "Our message gets out", affirms Pastor David Sexton."And it's not because of the flashiness of the sign. It's because of the information we present on the sign". Denver Baptist Church's DayStar...Read More

    — David Sexton
    Denver, NC

  • Nestled in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in western North Carolina, the town of Marion is truly in God's country. Deacon Carroll Proctor enjoys telling a joke about a Baptist minister...Read More

    — Carroll Proctor
    Marion, NC

  • The day Ray and Natalie Kennedy were married was the same day their small town of Deer Lodge, Tennessee got electricity.

    "The symbolism was very nice," as Natalie Kennedy relates nearly...Read More

    — Natalie Kennedy
    Deer Lodge, TN

  • When Pastor Michael Jones and his church decided to make the move to their bigger facility, they knew that such an establishment could not go without the appropriate signage to represent the new...Read More

    — Michael Jones
    Monticello, AR

  • "If you want to know the truth, I would have much rather lost the church sign than the roof", exclaims Jo Ann Richards, property chairman of First Christian Church of hurricane-ravaged Port...Read More

    — Jo Ann Richards
    Port Arthur, TX

  • In a small rural town just outside of Houston, Texas, bright lights are not a common sight. "We started discussing a new church sign back in December 2009" says Jerry McDaniel, Building and...Read More

    — Jerry McDaniel
    Dayton, TX

  • "Apparently somebody doesn't like my preachin'," jokes Pastor Richard Jennings when he talks about his recent spate of vandalism."But we're talking local kids here. I guess vandalism is...Read More

    — Richard Jennings
    Tomball, TX

  • Fairfax County, Virginia is like many other areas in the country; their zoning regulations have strict requirements for the height, color, location and use of signage. When the Church of the Good...Read More


  • Those of a certain age can remember an America before iPods, text messaging, GPS and Blackberries. Sure, we all love technology, though just a few decades ago John and Jane Q. Customer were treated...Read More

    — Dan Renfro
    Dayton, OH

  • Sleepy Pittsville on Maryland's Eastern Shore used to be just that. Sleepy.

    Not anymore.

    "We are becoming quite the bedroom community for young families whose breadwinners work...Read More

    — Floyd Twilley
    Pittsville, MD

  • When Falls Road African Methodist Episcopal Church narrowed their search for a sign company down to two, the right choice for them became increasingly clear."The experience with Stewart Signs was...Read More

    — Leander Scott
    Baltimore, MD

  • In April 2011, a tornado struck the small town of Bridgeton, Missouri. Its path devastated over 750 homes and local businesses. However, looking down the street for signs of hope, residents could...Read More

    — Jeanette McNutt
    Bridgeton, MO

  • In the northeastern corner of Maryland there is a church with a certain councilmember who is fond of telling jokes.

    "There's an unfortunate fellow, stranded alone on a tiny deserted island...Read More

    — Bill Whited
    Elkton, MD

  • The high school in Meadville, Pennsylvania is home to one of the top-rated hockey teams in the three-state region. Hockey is quite the big deal in this industrial town of twelve thousand....Read More

    — Tom Peterson
    Meadville, PA

  • When Tuxedo Assembly of God realized that they needed to identify and draw attention to their church, they started to research church signs. After searching both local and national companies, one...Read More

    — Bret Luallen
    Bartlesville, OK

  • When the First Southern Baptist Church of Del City needed a new sign, they did their research. They found several different companies, but made special notice of Stewart Church Signs, a company...Read More

    — Tom Elliff
    Del City, OK

  • "These days there are only three ways a church can draw in more people," Bruce Gustafson sagely remarks."There's the one-on-one personal invitation from a member, the Internet, and outdoor...Read More

    — Bruce Gustafson
    Inver Grove Heights, MN

  • Abe Sweeney awoke one morning to find that the 15-year-old sign for Emmanuel Baptist Church had been vandalized. The sign was a basic masonry structure that identified the name of the church. Abe...Read More

    — Abe Sweeney
    Virginia, MN

  • After many years with only a weathered wooden sign to identify their church, those at Issaquah Christian Church knew that it was time for a change. After the challenging task of obtaining a permit...Read More

    — Beverly Lewis
    Issaquah, WA

  • It's another beautiful Monday morning on the island of Oahu in Hawaii and Ellen Moss is changing the message on the sign in front of Mililani Baptist Church. This is a labor of love as Ellen takes...Read More

    — Derrick Norris
    Mililani, HI

  • Tim Wilder, Port St. Joe's Principal immediately became involved in the project."The school reached a point where we felt that it was necessary to provide a more detailed, consistent and up to...Read More

    — Tim Wilder
    Port Saint Joe, FL

  • The sign itself looks great. We're getting a lot of comments. Our experience has been...Read More

    — Todd Miller
    Marion, NC

  • A sign like this is very impressive, and it says that we value education and technology. We are so excited about our new...Read More

    — Shannon Watson
    Lawrenceburg, TN

  • In the fall of 2003 the newly-formed student council of Vincent Settlement Elementary School voted unanimously to commence fundraising efforts for the purchase of a marquee school sign. The school...Read More

    — Tony McCardle
    Sulphur, LA

  • Superintendent Mike Reeves first inquired about a sign early this year for Drew Central School District."I was only interested in an identification sign. We wanted a professionally-made sign that...Read More

    — Mike Reeves
    Monticello, AR

  • The most exciting thing is the fact that we're able to promote our students. It means a lot for a kid to be able to come in in the morning and see their name in...Read More

    — David H.Bolen
    Winchester, KY

  • When a school wants to connect with students, parents, and its community in a new and dynamic way, an electronic message center is the clear choice for many.

    Stephen Knight, Superintendent...Read More

    — Stephen Knight
    Benton, KY

  • When the PTA of John Tyler Elementary School began to consider giving a gift to the school at the end of the year, there was no shortage of ideas, but the idea of a marquee kept coming...Read More

    — Vicky Curry
    Hampton, VA

  • Over the weekend of September 13th, Hurricane Ike ravaged the shores of Galveston, Texas leaving the island flooded and disassembled with surges up to 30 feet. The storm was so severe that it left...Read More


  • The overall experience with Stewart Signs has been wonderful. Not only for the city of Ripley's government but for our community, and that was our main...Read More

    — Carolyn Rader
    Ripley, WV

  • Stewart Signs has given us a product that has really helped our...Read More

    — Michael Howard
    Nashville, AR

  • As a primary visual communication tool to students,parents, staff and the community, the old Stewart signat Winton Woods Middle School had been installedaround 1992 making it a bit of a relic....Read More

    — Steve Denny
    Cincinnati, OH

  • At the end of the day we wanted the best product with the best support, and Stewart Signs was able to provide us...Read More

    — Alexander Brandon
    Anderson, IN

  • As warnings of Hurricane Sandy began to bellow up and down the East Coast and residents were told to prepare for the worst, the City of Bridgeton was able to take a proactive stance in warning...Read More

    — Kevin C.Rabago, Sr.
    Bridgeton, NJ

  • The Gloucester County Times
    Friday, November 19, 2010
    By Jessica Driscoll

    DEPTFORD TWP. For the 46 years since Monongahela Middle School was built, it has not had a sign to...Read More

    — Brian Wert
    Sewell, NJ

  • By Sean Patrick Murphy The South Jersey Sun The E. T. Hamilton Elementary School in Voorhees is doing its part to "go green." How? By putting up an LED sign out front. The sign, which...Read More

    — Darlene Baldasarre
    Voorhees, NJ

  • Early last summer, Julie Ambrose, the PTA President for Muhlenberg Elementary School, embarked on a mission. The elementary school was searching for a new school sign that could provide a way to...Read More

    — Julie Ambrose
    Allentown, PA

  • The speeches are rehearsed and ready. The microphone is plugged in and working fine. Standing silent, a new school sign remains covered with a blue tarp, awaiting its spotlight. The ceremony is...Read More

    — Gail Damiano
    Brick, NJ

  • When deciding to purchase a new school sign, the artwork that represents your school is an important factor. The font, background color and logo chosen will represent your school for many years to...Read More

    — Pam Friedman
    Westfield, NJ

  • Nearly 20 years ago, Hackettstown High School in Hackettstown, New Jersey went on a search for a new school sign. Their goal was a tool that would allow them to communicate to parents, students...Read More

    — Roy Huchel
    Hackettstown, NJ

  • "The first time I drove to the school," says Juliana Alvarez, "we literally drove right past it in the dark. I thought 'Where's the school? There's no school here." This was at the beginning of...Read More

    — Juliana Alvarez
    Brooklyn, NY

  • Stewart signs are made to stand up to many adverse conditions. While airplane crashesare not necessarily one of them, you wouldn't know that based on what took place inWoodstock, IL, a quiet town...Read More


  • Sterling Steele, a graduating senior at GHS, watched Monday, May 2, as the marquee sign for the Gallatin school was installed.

    The sign was Sterling's Eagle Scout project. He raised funds...Read More

    — Dennis Croy
    Gallatin, MO

  • At Stewart Signs, we often hear of the hard work and dedication needed to raise funds for a new sign. For Thomaston Fire Department, these efforts were not made in vain. Sixteen year-old Jordan...Read More

    — Jordan Terrier
    Thomaston, CT

  • Trego Community High School recently installed a new LED messaging sign adjacent to Highway 283. The sign has "been a long time coming," according to Principal John Luhrs. "After seeing signs in...Read More

    — John Luhrs
    Wakeeney, KS

  • As part of the nationwide brand revitalization for the YMCA, Keith Williams was in the market for a new sign that fit the new image. Mr. Williams had noticed a trend, that local static message...Read More

    — Keith Williams
    Lafayette, CO

  • Tammy Pfeifer and others at Compass Montessori knew that they needed a better communication tool. After some deliberation it was decided - what better than a school sign? Something that was always...Read More

    — Tammy Pfeifer
    Golden, CO

  • In June of 2011, an Arizona community thought they were going to lose everything. A very dry winter had left plant life tinder-dry and with winds gusting over 50 miles per hour, the stage had been...Read More


  • When they came to the decision to buy their first school sign, the administration of Park Elementary in Holbrook, Arizona knew what they wanted out of their new sign."We wanted a way to inform...Read More

    — Connie McPherson
    Holbrook, AZ

  • By Lonnie Suen
    Published: Monday, February 13, 2012

    Since the grand opening of the campus quad, the digital message board along the walkway has been the center for the campus community...Read More

    — El Paisano Newspaper
    Whittier, CA

  • When Jill Arata was put in charge of finding a school sign for Castro Valley Elementary School, she began by driving to neighboring schools to get an idea of what might best fit their needs....Read More

    — Jill Arata
    Castro Valley, CA

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