LED Video Wall Scoreboards in Schools

LED video walls are more than just a scoreboard. They’re also a great learning opportunity for students and staff. Jeremiah Butrum, Senior Sales Engineer for Stewart Signs, discusses the capabilities of LED video wall scoreboards. Watch or read more to find out about how to use this technology in schools.

Jeremiah Butrum: With Direct View LED scoreboards within a school, you can show the students performing not just during the game, but you can utilize it for pep rallies where you can show video clips of that event using the digital display. With that — and again going back to projector replacement — you're trying to turn gym lights on and off, and if you have any of the older analog type lights that are not LED lights, it takes a while to turn those lights on and off, so you don't do it with the Direct View LED. Now, you can utilize a gymnasium or a multipurpose facility for large AV events, such as a pep rally, where utilizing video and audio in addition to any other items they may be using currently to augment what you're currently using for pep rallies — items that you're using with a band and things like that.

So yeah, student engagement, being able to introduce students to the technology because this technology is out there. They're using it in broadcast. They're using it in professional sports. They're using it in higher education. They're utilizing it in theater, so your theater may need it just to expose your students to the technology just like you're exposing them to computers. You're exposing your AV teams to different types of recording technology.

You have to introduce them to different types of display technology. It is a fundamental part of where technology is going in the future, and the better your students are prepared and more comfortable they are working with this new technology the better prepared they're going to be able to work within those industries. We do it for sports. We're already doing it for AV, so it's the responsible thing to do to continue that education of those students and of those processes. That's what the Ultimont is doing . . . all the staff has no idea on how to turn on and operate the technology that they've invested into the school. It is a very much student-led and student-operated process and function.

When we do training on how to utilize our sports command system, a lot of times we're training the students, and the students are training the students, and the teachers are there learning from the students and trying to keep up.

You could pair an old fixed-digit scoreboard and just have a video wall, but if you have a video wall why wouldn't you utilize it and spend a few extra dollars and utilize it fully and completely replace that fixed digit board. Now you've gained the additional space on your wall for more video. With more video you can utilize different content. You can capture more advertising revenue to help offset the initial expense of that video wall.

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