How to Get Great Photos of Your Outdoor Digital Sign

Outdoor Digital Sign PhotosYour outdoor digital sign was, undoubtedly, a decision you didn’t take lightly. You likely scoured every resource you could find online, searching for the best solution for your unique situation. You wanted optimal brightness and great messaging for the money.

Now that your sign is in place, it’s important to think of ways to increase your sign’s exposure. Photos of your sign that appear on websites or in social media can be a great way to increase interest.

How Outdoor Digital Sign Photos Are Used

Once upon a time, a great outdoor sign only had so much leverage. For the most part, the only people who got to enjoy the quirky quotes or powerful messages were those who came in direct contact with the signs themselves.

Today’s world is significantly different. Thanks to smart phones, social media, and instant access to any type of information a person could possibly want, outdoor digital signs are more powerful than ever.

Great signs have been known to pop up all over the internet. The following are just a few ways images of these outdoor displays find purposes greater than the foundation upon which they’re built:

  • Websites – Whether it’s your own site or a piece of online real estate owned by one of your customers or vendors, you want to put your best face forward. People look online for all sorts of things, which means every website your sign is featured on could mean big things for your messaging. 
  • Social Media – Social media is the new word-of-mouth advertising, but it’s far more powerful than anything the world has ever seen before. As a church, school, or other organization, it’s important to keep your own social media as active as possible, but that’s not where the sharing ends. The more impactful your message, the more shares you’ll get on social media, and you’ll want to make sure your outdoor digital sign looks its best when its featured in other people’s posts. 
  • Google PlacesGoogle Places is the perfect way to tout your talents and talk about the great things you do, but remember, the quality of the image you showcase could correlate with the type of experience people can expect from your organization—at least in the minds of your audience. 
  • Online Review Sites – Think people don’t check the photos on Yelp! and other review sites? Think again! People are always on the hunt for photos that draw them in and make them want to learn more about the organization they’re representing.

The Keys to Taking Awesome Outdoor Digital Sign Photos

Perhaps you’re updating your blog or social media, or a vendor wants to feature your sign on their website. It’s time to get a great picture. Outdoor digital signs tend to have a few moving pieces, which can make it difficult to capture the perfect shot of these displays. With that in mind, there are certainly a few things you can do to ensure an optimal optic reception of your outdoor digital sign:

  • Time Your Photoshoot. In the photography world, timing is everything. You’ll want to head to your outdoor digital sign on a clear day if you want to make the most of your photos. Mornings or dusk are best. It’s important to avoid taking photos of your sign at night or when it’s directly in the sun, as the colors and overall aesthetics will be distorted.
  • Keep Clutter Away. Find an angle that eliminates parking lots, street chaos, and other elements that don’t belong in your photo. It may seem impossible, given the specific location of your particular sign, but rest assured—there is some angle that’s perfectly undisturbed from external distractions. You just have to find it!
  • Stand Still. Drive-by photography is never a good idea unless you’re a professional photographer who’s trying to make an artistic statement! You never want to be in a moving vehicle if you want to take a great photo of your outdoor digital sign. Instead, find a stationary spot where you have plenty of time to frame your shot. Even better? Set up a tripod to ensure stability.
  • Take Too Many Shots. The olden days of paying for each exposure are long gone. With all of today’s digital photography technology, there’s no reason you shouldn’t make your shots work for you. Get trigger happy, and take tons of photos. You can always delete the ones you don’t want later, but having too many is far better than having too few. 
  • Grab the Entire Sign. You don’t want to cut out any part of your sign—accidentally or on purpose. Make sure you leave enough space on any side of your sign, such that you can crop it a bit later without damaging the integrity of the showcase element. If you have tons of room around the exterior of the sign, it can always be cut down, but too little room leads to aesthetically displeasing photos.

Our Stewart Signs team always gets excited when we get to capture photos of our customers’ digital outdoor signs. Of course, before you can have a shareable photo of  your outdoor digital sign, you have to have a sign worth sharing — if you’re ready to enhance the way your passersby experience what you have to say, reach out to our team for a Quick Quote today.

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