DayStar with Complay LED Signs

Congratulations on your purchase of a Stewart DayStar with Complay LED sign! With proper use, you can expect to enjoy your Stewart sign for many years into the future. We recommend using the video tutorial below to get started with your DayStar with Complay sign. Printable instructions are also available.

Frequently Asked Questions for DayStar with Complay

Pixel : What is a Pixel?
Matrix : What is a Matrix?
Power Supply : How do I replace a power supply?
Controller : How to clear memory on an HX-1 controller
Multiple ID's : How to Set up Multiple ID's in ComPlay
Network Communication : How do I configure ComPlay for network communication?
Phone Modem Communication : How do I configure ComPlay for Phone Modem communication?
Serial Cable Communication : How do I configure ComPlay for Serial Cable (RE Smith BOX) communication?
Communication : How do I determine the correct type of communication for my sign?
Win 7 and Higher Compatibility : How do I run ComPlay on Win 7 and higher?
Wireless Link : What spectrum is used for the wireless link?
Wireless Network Connection RF Survey : Does your Wireless Network Connection include a RF survey to identify interference that would require a higher gain antenna?
Antenna Replacing : What is the approximate cost of replacing our antenna with a high gain version?
Lifetime Support : Does the “lifetime support” include the Wireless Network Connection?
Cowling : How do I add the Cowling to my sign?
Brightness : How do I adjust flourescent bulb brightness?
Turn Off Sign : When should I turn my sign off?
Vinyl Letters : How do I apply vinyl letters?
Cleaning : How do I clean the sign face?
Ballast : How do I replace the ballast for the fluorescent bulbs in my sign?
Cleaning Waxing : How do I keep my sign looking new?
Memory Card : How do I maintain the memory card on my sign?
LED : What is an LED sign?
Playfile : What is a Playfile?
Graphics Library : How do I access the Graphics Library?
Wireless Setup : How do I set up my wireless communication device?
Open Sign : How do I open my sign?
Software : Where do I download the software for my LED sign?
Using 208VAC/3 PH Circuits : Can I connect a sign to 208VAC, 3 Phase power service?
Edit Images : How do I edit images for my sign?
Cleaning : How do I clean, maintain, and remove graffiti from my sign?

Files for DayStar with Complay

USB driver for USB44T and IUSB44T converter boxes | 2.04.06, ZIP, 1.59M
DayStar Quick Start Guide | 2015, PDF, 0.62M
ComPlay LED Software | 4.0.1, ZIP, 53.43M
How to open and replace bulbs | 2016.05, PDF, 1.49M
DayStar Maintenance Procedures | , PDF, 2.12M