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Stewart Signs is a national sign company with a local approach. Since 1968, we've provided signs for tens-of-thousands of satisfied customers, including churches, schools, businesses, military installations, civic organizations and municipalities across the country and around the world.

Over 55 Years of Excellence Our signs are found across the country.
BBB Accredited We are BBB accredited with an A+ rating.
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We are endorsed by many denominational organizations and hold many contracts and memberships.

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At Stewart Signs, we are the authority on institutional signs and have been for over 55 years. To receive FREE expert advice, pricing information and an artist rendering of a sign designed for your needs, just contact us.

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A "sign company" can take many forms! As you begin your sign project,
it's important to educate yourself and ask questions to get the most from your investment.

Sign Broker

A sign broker is a company that purchases the sign or its major components from another sign company. Often these companies never touch any part of the sign, and only coordinate the project over the phone or through email. Because they act as a go-between in the transaction, these companies add their markup to each piece of the sign.

While sign brokers may claim to comparison shop on behalf of the customer, they rarely work with more than a few of the cheapest suppliers. Support or warranty claims go to these third-parties or to their outsourced technical support, and not to the broker that sold the sign.

Sign Integrator

A sign integrator assembles a sign from at least one major component that is purchased elsewhere, often the LED display for electronic signs. These components are usually assembled in-the-field using common fasteners such as bolts or screws, and may not fit together tightly.

As with sign brokers, it's typical for multiple companies to be involved in the manufacture of the different components of the sign. Because the they come from different sources, the sign often does not have a coherent and matching look. Integrators do not support the parts of the sign that they don't build themselves.

Sign Manufacturer

A sign manufacturer builds their complete sign product in a controlled environment. They are responsible for all stages of product development including engineering, software development (for electronic signs), sign assembly and support. As a single product, the complete sign can receive certifications such as a UL Listing.

These companies can quickly provide engineer drawings or other technical specifications for your sign. There is only one company to contact for all support issues and warranty claims. Because there are no middle-men, your investment goes directly into the sign materials and construction methods.

Questions to Ask

How long has your company been in business?
How many signs have you built, and are there any in my area I can visit?
Is your complete sign manufactured by you and UL or ETL Listed?
Is your company highly rated by independent third parties?
Who do I contact if I have issues or questions about my sign or its software?
Who do I contact for warranty claims or service issues?

At Stewart Signs, we have been providing complete signs for over half a century.
As the trusted partner for sign projects of all sizes, we believe in one sign - one company.

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