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Top 7 Reasons You Should Use Comedy on Your Church Sign

Top 7 Reasons You Should Use Comedy on Your Church Sign

When deciding what to put on your church sign, you have a lot of different options. You can share informational messages and Bible verses, or send blessings into the community. In addition, many churches decide to be funny on their church sign - laughter soothes the soul. Thinking about injecting some comedy into your church sign? Here are the top seven reasons you should integrate comedy into your church sign.

1. Laughter Relieves Stress

Laughter has a lot of positive effects on the body. When people laugh, their stress levels, pain, and blood pressure all go down. At the same time, they get a burst of happy hormones in their mind, and they start to feel a little lighter and brighter about the world. By putting jokes, puns, or funny sayings on your church sign, you help to boost people's moods and even improve their physical wellbeing. This is one simple way for your church to spread some of Christ's joy into the broader community.

2. Jokes Stimulate the Mind

Jokes also tend to get those cognitive wheels turning. Understanding the set-up and punchline of a traditional joke or to spot the comedy in a pun requires some mental effort. Potentially, when people see some humor on your church sign, they are going to have to stop and think for a moment to figure out what the joke means. That small spot of engagement may do more than just get the sign reader to understand a joke. They may feel impressed by your wit and get curious about your ministry. One thing may lead to another, and they may even stop inside to find out more. After all, one of the key roles of your church sign is to appeal to potential new members.

3. Comedy Disarms People

Laughter disarms people. In other words, when people hear a joke, they put their guard down. They become less skeptical and more open to your message. In contrast, if you start to tell people about your ministry or evangelize about your faith, they may become closed hearted and skeptical. With comedy, you open the door to their heart and mind briefly, and that opening may be enough to attract a new member or at least get people thinking.

4. People Share Jokes

When something is funny, people share it. Community members who walk by your sign may end up discussing it. Church members may talk about the joke on the sign and why they thought it was funny, and those conversations can spurn all kinds of self-reflection, fellowship, and even congregational growth. In other cases, people may even snap a photo of an exceptionally funny church sign. Then, they may put the photo on the internet, and other people may say it, increasing exposure for your church.

5. Funny Church Signs Are Part of a Conversation

Because so many people have shared comedic church signs with each other, these signs have become part of a national conversation. When you opt to wade into the world of funny church signs, you become part of this conversation. You can start your own thread of the conversation by posting a fresh new joke, but you can also jump on the bandwagon with other churches and post jokes that resonate with their posts.

For instance, one group of churches had a comedic debate over whether or not dogs go to heaven. The Catholic Church posted "All dogs go to heaven" and the Presbyterian Church across the street responded, "Only humans go to heaven. Read the Bible." Then, after a bit of back and forth banter between the two signs, the Catholic Church shared this message: "Catholic dogs go to heaven. Presbyterian dogs should check with their pastors." As long as the comedy is all in good fun, a back-and-forth can be a fun way to "debate" serious concepts.

6. Passersby Look Forward to New Jokes

Your church members read your sign, but passersby also notice humorous church signs. Whether people drive by your sign on their morning commute or walk their dogs past the sign in the evening, they are likely checking out the sign for new jokes. In this way, funny church sayings help to foster community with the world beyond your church walls.

7. Humor Can Draw in New Members

In some cases, comedy can also draw in new members. The jokes and sayings you choose to put on your church sign reflect your mission and the personality that pervades your ministry. If people find your comedy compelling, they may stop by, listen to a sermon, join a Bible study, volunteer for a mission group, or explore your church in other ways.

Ultimately, you get to decide what to put on your church sign, but as Psalms 126:2 says, "Our mouths were filled with laughter, our tongues with songs of joy," and your church sign can reflect that sentiment. Ready to learn more about church signs? Want to upgrade your existing church sign? Ready for a new sign? Then, contact us today.

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