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By 2019, there will be more Millennials in the United States than Baby Boomers. Ranging from about age 22 to 37, Millennials are the most diverse generation in the country, they make up over a third of the work force, and nearly half of them are parents. Digital signage can help you reach this generation and their families in a number of ways.

When school board members and administrators start to look for school signs, one of their first questions is how much do school signs cost. Ultimately, the cost depends on the type of sign and features selected. Here's a look at the factors that affect the cost of school signs.

Outreach ministry involves touching base with the community at large. If your church is undertaking outreach ministry efforts, you're likely trying to find ways to answer the public's questions, open your doors in a welcoming way, and create an environment that awakens people's faith. There are many ways to pursue positive outreach ministry endeavors, from community-involvement initiatives to guided prayer sessions.

When new recruits step foot on base, they enter a completely new world. So begins a stressful time when young men and women are barely getting their footing outside their parents' homes; now they must lean on their own independence and utilize the skills that will get them home safe if they're ever deployed. Your recruits will learn a basic path that takes them to physical training, food, applicable academics, and their sleeping quarters.

Anyone with an LED sign will appreciate the ease of use of the SignCommand software program. Ryan Rogers, manager for support and installation at Stewart Signs, discusses the benefits of SignCommand. Listen or read more to find out how to effectively utilize SignCommand.

As the leaves turn and the weather becomes crisp during the fall and winter, the calendar begins to show all kinds of holidays. Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's Day are right around the corner. This festive season is the perfect time to use your sign for happy holiday wishes.

Customers report that SignCommand is an intuitive software application that makes creating messages for LED signs easy. Shay Einhaus, regional consultant at Stewart Signs, talks about the ease of use of SignCommand, as well as some of the challenges customers face. Listen or read more to find out about the benefits of SignCommand.

Stewart Signs will be hosting a booth at this year's 2018 Florida Baptist State Convention. Taking place November 12-13, 2018, the Florida Baptist State Convention draws the faithful from around the area, and the event is designed to encourage and strengthen their relationship with the word of God. Dynamic preachers such as Charlie Dates, Clayton Cloer, Russell Moore, and others will be there, giving inspirational speeches and leading worship sessions that will challenge and inspire you to take your ministry to the next level.