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Schools use signs in a variety of ways, and as sign technology expands and changes, schools constantly embrace new trends with their signs. Looking for clever ways to utilize your school sign? Then, check out these top 10 trends in school signs.

School signs enhance communication, but they also reflect core elements about your school. When choosing a sign, think about the message you want to convey to the community, consider the impression you want to make to passersby, and try to make sure that you are reflecting your mission statement. You can say nearly anything with a sign, but here are just a few of the characteristics you may want to emphasize.

Civic organizations need community members to help them accomplish their goals and to boost engagement, they need to get their messages into the community in interesting and effective ways. LED civic signs help these organizations reach out to people in meaningful ways. If you are looking for ways to improve your organization, you should explore some of the following ideas.

Businesses have always used signs to announce their presence to the world. Through time, they've carved signs out of stone, etched their names into wood, and painted ads on brickwork. As sign technology has expanded, businesses started using digital LED signs.

Church signs can be a very powerful marketing tool and in fact, many church leaders have noticed an increase in attendance after putting up their signs. Looking for ways to improve your marketing with signage? Wondering how to use your church sign as a marketing tool?