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Indoor LED Scoreboards

Indoor LED Scoreboards

Introducing our indoor LED scoreboards that can be configured for nearly any sport! Live streaming video and picture-in-picture capabilities will give your sports events a professional feel.

These electronic scoreboards can quickly switch between full-screen video, picture-in-picture and full scoreboard views with a press of a button. Live scoreboard features and related components are available for basketball, volleyball, wrestling and many more.

Our 4mm and 6.67mm pixel pitches look great from any distance and the simple controls and software make building a captivating message a slam dunk!

Generate revenue with your new LED scoreboard! Team up with local businesses to provide ad space and create a new revenue stream for your organization.

In addition to the benefits listed in our Why Choose Stewart Signs page, our indoor LED scoreboard offers the following features:

Live and Pre-Recorded Video Input

With our video processor component, streaming a video feed is a snap! Simply connect your video equipment or computer to the standard input, and press the selected input button. Use for live video streams with a connected camera, or with pre-recorded video played on a connected laptop or other digital video equipment. Full screen and picture-in-picture formats are available.

Combined with speakers and audio output, your new screen turns into a full multimedia delivery platform. Stream live presentations and movies, advertise local businesses and sporting events, and engage everyone in your facility. The applications are endless!

Redundant Systems

We know it's critical that a scoreboard and video presentation platform just work. With that, the scoreboard is built with reliability in mind. Redundant systems such as dual Ethernet connections are built into the sign, and all of our products and their components undergo rigorous third-party testing.

Easy Maintenance

In the event that maintenance is required, we make the process painless. LED modules are front-serviceable (can be removed from the front of the sign), and are removed using an innovative magnetic attachment system.

The Indoor LED Scoreboard is available in two standard sizes, both with a 4mm and 6.67mm pixel pitch option. Custom sizes are available. Contact Us for more information.

5'3" x 8'5"400 x 640240 x 384
6'3" x 11'7"480 x 880288 x 528

PC with Pre-Installed Software

PC with Pre-Installed Software

A laptop PC is available pre-installed with our powerful scoreboard software. The software can be used to customize scoreboard information before the game, and to control score and time information at game-time.

Control Console

Control Console

This physical console allows your game officials to keep up with quick-moving action. The console and PC software are automatically synced whenever a change is made, and updates to scores, times and other game data can be made from either device.

Video Processor

Video Processor

A powerful video processor is available that allows video input from multiple devices. Use cameras, laptops, DVD players and more as sources of live or pre-recorded video. The quick-use buttons on the front of the processor allow instant switching between scoreboard, full-screen video and several picture-in-picture formats.

Shot Clock

Shot Clock

A separate LED unit can be used to count down play times. A hand-held controller allows a dedicated timekeeper to reset times to 24 or 14 seconds, add or remove seconds, or turn the entire unit on and off.

Match Timer

Match Timer

A separate hand-held controller allows a dedicated timekeeper to easily start and pause the match time without requiring access to the software or control console.

This was my first experience purchasing a sign on behalf of a school district. I knew nothing when I made the initial call . Our consultant has been a wonderful source of information for me!

  • Kathy Alley, Purchasing
  • Chenango Valley Jr Sr High School
  • Binghamton, NY
    • Highly customizable scoreboard software
    • Display animations, advertisements & game statistics
    • Promote upcoming special events
    • Use as a presentation tool
    • Stream live or pre-recorded video and play DVDs
    • Combine engaging effects, graphics and sound
    • Easy to use controls and software
    • 5-year product warranty
    • PC, console, video processor, shot clock and match timer available
    • UL Listed
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