Cloud-based LED Sign Software

Introducing the power of the cloud with! Developed by us, this browser-based application
allows you to quickly and easily update your message from any device. Available exclusively with our LED sign products.

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Access a World of Included Media

Our built-in and constantly expanding library of video clips and images are optimized for use on signs.

With an investment in LED technology, the messages you display will now have the power to be more effective than any other outreach you have. That said, not just any content will have the impact you're after.

We understand this so well, that SignCommand offers a constantly expanding library of graphics and animations included with the purchase of your LED sign. The power of the cloud allows you to have access to these graphics from anywhere with an internet connection. It will turn a sign that can be read, into a sign that will be read.

Amount of detail depends on display resolution.

Over 2,000 images and animations available!

Command Attention ...

With our new Animation Templates feature, your sign will shine!

Animation Templates are the easiest way to make compelling, eye-catching custom messages for an LED sign! Using a video game engine inside of the your web browser, text will be brought to life with movement and visual interest. If you can type, you can build amazing sign messages!

This unique technology can't be found anywhere else! Control individual aspects of each template for a truly customized presentation. All templates allow you to change text size, color and font. Effect speed, component colors and other animation-specific settings are available on individual templates.

Animation Templates

Best of all, this feature is included FREE with every SignCommand account!

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... with the Features You Need

We focus on what you care about most: getting your powerful message out to the world.

Easy Messaging

Easy messaging capabilities make adding your custom text a breeze. Choose from a wide variety of fonts, colors, styles and outline options, and then size and position the text to your liking. Get your message out!

Powerful Editing

Access powerful editing options right in your browser. Crop and size media to your liking, and even add text on top of images and video clips. Do everything in the web browser; no need for other photo-editing software.

Advanced Scheduling

Schedule your custom messages down to the minute and years in advance. Powerful scheduling options and easy-to-read results means that you will have timely and relevant content always showing on your sign.

Strong Security

Your sign ONLY talks with the SignCommand servers and related services from behind your private network, making it virtually invisible to hackers. And 100% encrypted communication means that no one can eavesdrop on the conversation!

Multiple Signs

Control multiple signs with ease! Send new messages to individual signs or even to a specific side. Whether across the street or across the country, your signs can be any distance apart. Adding a new sign to your network is as easy as turning it on!

All Operating Systems

Windows or Mac, Android or iOS... we support them all! Because all that is needed is a modern web browser, you can run SignCommand from virtually any internet-connected device using any operating system.

Update Your Sign from Any Device

To quickly change a message, we recommend these three steps:


your special message
and save it in the cloud,


your special message
from your mobile device
when conditions are right.


... Your special message
is now on your sign.
It's that easy!

Quick Message

...or use our Quick Message feature to send your message directly from a mobile device.
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Benefit from Plug-and-Play Simplicity

When combined with our Cell Connect communication method, starting up a new sign has never been easier!

Verizon Cellular Connection

The Cell Connect option from Stewart means reliable communication through Verizon Wireless' extensive coverage area. With no antennas to align, no IP addresses to network, and no software to download, a cellular connection is a clear advantage for a smooth sign installation.

When combined with Cloud-based Software, just provide an electrical connection to the sign, power it up, and you're done! The cellular connection will begin communicating directly and securely with our servers, without any configuration required. Your login credentials are emailed to you when your account is created, allowing you to get started right away.