Cell Connect

The Cell Connect option from Stewart Signs means reliable communication through Verizon Wireless' extensive coverage area. With no antennas to align, no IP addresses to network, and no software to download, a cellular connection is a clear advantage for smooth sign installation and operation.

A cellular connection also means that we can remotely diagnose and help resolve many issues that may arise. We manage the network communications process and our software is cloud-based, meaning once power is connected to the sign, you're DONE!

Verizon Cellular Connection


Cell Connect


  • Fast speed and a secure connection
  • No network cable trenching or installation
  • No need for wireless point-to-point antennas
  • Save money with competitive rates - we offer data to you below market prices
  • Bypass your computer network and internet service provider - eliminating a point of failure
  • Faster installation and better operation

* Must be within the United States (including Puerto Rico) with coverage shown on the Verizon Coverage Map.