Lighted dimensional letters that enhance your name.

Channel Letters
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Channel Letters

Channel Letters

Stewart is proud to offer premium channel and dimensional letters for your organization. These letters can be mounted to exterior or interior walls, as well as integrated into other Stewart products such as our Monument Signs.

Create a stunning look on any surface! These letters are available internally illuminated in several styles, or non-illuminated when an external light source is present.


Our products come with industry-leading components, warranties and service. Contact us for a full list of channel letter features and options.

  • Almost any font style, color and size!
  • Incorporate your organization's logo or symbol.
  • Laser-cut components to exacting size and shape specifications.
  • Quality stainless steel or aluminum with many finish and color options.
  • Electric products UL Listed and CE Certified.
  • Weatherproof and long-lasting LED illumination.
  • Front-lit, rear-lit, side-lit and non-illuminated options.
  • A comprehensive 3-year product warranty is included.


We can incorporate your text, design elements, colors and other preferences to create the perfect combination for you. Contact us, to learn more about these options.

Front-Lit Channel Letters


Boost the visibility of your organization name with the classic front-lit channel letter! Available in many colors, styles and sizes.

Back-Lit Channel Letters (Halo Letters)

Back-Lit (Halo Letters)

Dramatic lighting behind a finished metal letter will silhouette your name. The color of the back illumination can be specified.

Front & Back-Lit Channel Letters

Front & Back-Lit

Get the best of both worlds with both front and back-lit channel letters! The color of the back illumination can be specified.

Non-Illuminated Channel Letters


The classic dimensional letter made out of quality materials and in any font or style! Laser-cut components for exceptional fit and finish.

Front & Side-Lit Channel Letters

Front & Side-Lit

As an alternative to back-lit letters, side perforations allow light to illuminate nearby characters and surfaces.

Black/White Face Channel Letters

Black/White Faces

Using special face perforations, front-lit letters can be configured to display black during the day and white while illuminated at night.

We can create almost any size letter and symbol! The sizes available depend on the type of illumination.

Channel Letter Sizes

All Front-Lit

Only Back-Lit


Minimum Height 4 inches 4 inches 2 inches
Maximum Height 16 feet 39 inches 16 feet
Minimum Depth 1.75 inches 1.25 inches 0.4 inches
Maximum Depth 11.75 inches 7.75 inches 39 inches
Minimum stroke width for all products is 0.4".

Your channel letters can be shaped in an enormous variety of text styles. We have many fonts to choose from, or specify your own. Below are just some of our most popular fonts for channel letters.

Channel Letter Fonts

The high-quality translucent face can be produced in your choice of color. Pigment is integrated into the material, and is not a surface application. The metal components are available in a variety of finishes and colors.

Metal Colors for Channel Letters Electroplating Colors
Paint Colors for Channel Letters Any Pantone Color

Metal Colors

Metal surfaces such as faces and returns can be finished with an electroplating process, or painted with your choice of Pantone color.

Metal Brushed Finish for Channel Letters Brushed Finish
Metal Mirror Finish for Channel Letters Mirrored Finish

Metal Finishes

For non-painted metal surfaces, a brushed or mirrored application is available.

How each letter is constructed and mounted depends on the illumination type. Most use a screw system that is mounted flush with the surface or with stand-offs for back-lit applications. If the sign is to be self-installed, see below for the electrical raceway option that requires fewer mounting and electrical points. Self-installed letters come with a full-sized mounting template.

Front-Lit Only

Mounting for Front-Lit Only Channel Letters

Front & Back-Lit

Mounting for Front & Back-Lit Channel Letters

Front & Side-Lit

Mounting for Front & Side-Lit Channel Letters

Back-Lit Only (Without Backing)

Mounting for Back-Lit Only (Without Backing) Channel Letters

Back-Lit Only (With Backing)

Mounting for Back-Lit Only (With Backing) Channel Letters


Mounting for Non-Illuminated Channel Letters

Optional Raceway

For illuminated channel letters that will not be integrated into another Stewart product, we offer a rear electrical raceway that reduces connection points and install time.

Raceway Option for Channel Letters

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