Shipping Support

Our signs are delivered by freight carrier direct to your location. Once shipped, you will receive an email with the carrier name and tracking number for your new sign.

If your sign arrives and has been damaged during shipping, you must refuse delivery and contact us immediately through a Phone Request.

Tracking a Shipment

Receiving a Shipment

Checking the Shipment for Damage

Before offloading the sign from the delivery truck, carefully inspect around the crate for indications of damage to the sign. If you see damage, contact our Support Department immediately through a phone request.

Offloading a Sign from the Delivery Truck

The following is one option you can use when offloading your sign from the delivery truck. If you feel more comfortable with another method, please utilize the option that best fits your unique situation.*

Offloading a Sign

Be sure you know how much your sign weighs before organizing help for the delivery. Your sign consultant can give you the approximate weight of the crated sign weeks before it ships. As a general rule you should have one able person for every one hundred pounds. You will typically need a minimum of four people to offload the sign.

Offloading a Sign

When offloading the sign, it is generally easiest when the sign is brought to the edge of the truck, tilted, and slid down as illustrated. This typically results in never having to lift the entire weight.

Offloading a Sign

If your sign weighs 600 pounds or more or you are not 100% confident that you have enough manpower, we recommend lifting equipment. ALWAYS THINK SAFETY FIRST. In addition, if the delivery truck cannot park near the installation site, removing the crate reduces the weight by 100-150 pounds.

*Please note that these instructions are meant as a guideline and the delivery process is the full responsibility of the customer. Stewart Signs and its employees are to be held harmless from the individual decisions and actions involved in the process.