Parts & Accessories

You can purchase parts and accessories for your Stewart sign from our online store, The following categories will take you directly to our most commonly requested products.

Getting custom graphics for your LED display is as easy as 1-2-3! Just provide us a description of your desired graphic and your sign's matrix size, and your custom static or animated graphic will be delivered to you via email. Our talented Art Department will work with you to get the maximum impact from your LED sign investment.

Order Custom LED Sign Graphics Online

Order more letters for your sign, either individually or in sets! Our letters are injection molded with 0.08" thick high-impact acrylic. This heavy-duty construction prevents warping and keeps the letter in place under most wind conditions.

Each letter is molded with a small raised edge that prevents the screen-printed ink from being scratched. The molded-in feet keep debris and ice from interfering with letter placement.

Order Changeable Letters Online

Change your sign message safely and easily with a letter changer pole! Made of sturdy fiberglass and aluminum construction, these letter wands are suitable for daily use.

A quick-release ratchet speeds the changing of your message. Individual parts such as the end cup are also available.

Order Letter Changers & Parts Online

Our Word Panels allow for the easy changing and moving of text on your sign. Made from the same 0.08" thick high-impact acrylic as our letters, word panels are custom screen-printed and saw-cut to your specifications. Available in one or two lines of text.

Word panels can be ordered through the Word Panels Order Form. Due to the differences in letter tracking between manufacturers, you must be a Stewart customer to order our Word Panels.

Download the Word Panels Order Form

Replacement remote controls for Stewart TriStar LED signs are available for purchase. These remote controls allow the message to be changed on your electronic sign (TriStar model only).

Please fill out the Support Contact Form to be contacted about purchasing a replacement remote. Your sign information will be verified before the remote is sent.

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Our letter storage cases are designed to comfortably hold three complete Stewart letter sets of over 500 letters.

Sturdy wood construction and a sliding front panel will keep your letters organized and looking great for years to come. Cases are available in multiple sizes.

Order Letter Storage Cases Online

Replacement vandal cover keys for Stewart changeable letter signs are available free-of-charge from our Support Department. These keys allow the cover over the letters to be opened from the bottom.

Please fill out the Support Contact Form to request a replacement key. Your sign information will be verified before the key is sent.

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