DayStar Media

Software Support

DayStar Media is the software used to control all DayStar and some TekStar LED signs shipped prior to 2017. We recommend using the video tutorial to get started with the software. Printable instructions are also available.

If your sign shipped in 2017 or later, it most likely uses the Cloud-based Software. and the DayStar Media software are not compatible. Please see our Software page to ensure you are selecting the correct software. An upgrade package to our cloud-based software is available.
DayStar Media
LED Sign Software
Version 3.7.4 • 49MB • EXE
DayStar Media User Manual

Graphics Library
The graphics library for DayStar Media is stored in an online repository folder. Select your matrix size from the following link to begin.
DayStar Media Graphics Library

Creating Media
For tips on creating and using your own still images and video clips, see Creating Media for LED Signs.

Video Tutorials

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