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10 Red Flags That You Should Replace Your Outdoor Digital Sign

Outdoor digital signs are an imperative part of the marketing mix. Signs let people know where you are and what you're all about while they're on their way from Point A to Point B. However, over time, these exterior announcements can be worse for wear. Take a look at these 10 red flags you should replace your outdoor digital sign.

1. Pixel Pitch Is Important

Some outdoor digital signs are difficult to read because their pixel pitch (the spacing between the LEDs) is too wide.  The closer the LEDs are to one another, the sharper the images will appear, making lettering easier to read. If the LEDs are too wide, the image will look grainy, causing the message to get lost in translation. If your existing sign is blurry and requires extra effort for people to read it, it's time to upgrade to one with better pixel pitch.

2. Bad Ventilation Means Unexpected Maintenance Costs

Any device that produces light also produces heat.  If your outdoor digital sign is having trouble regulating its heat output, chances are, you'll soon be faced with costly repairs when it begins to break down. Before you're suddenly stuck without any signage at all, be sure to regularly inspect your sign's ventilation fans and clean dirty filters. If the ventilation system is beyond repair or poorly positioned on the sign itself, opt for a new one that's built to breathe.

3. Your Existing Sign is Old

Think about it: you're using your digital sign to attract an audience, and the way it looks says something about your church, school, municipality, or other entity. An outdated sign that's worn from weather damage and decades-old announcements is hardly an invitation for visitors.

New outdoor digital sign technologies offer exciting ways to put your best foot forward, but if your sign's so old that it's incompatible, you're missing out on some awesome messaging opportunities. Not to mention, modern technologies have other added benefits, like energy-saving LED lighting and software that makes digital signs easy to update. Today's digital signs out-perform their outdated counterparts for a number of other reasons, as well.

  • Higher Resolution. Modern technology allows for high-resolution digital signs, which translates to sharper colors and more distinctive images.
  • Less Weight. As with many things, old technology was clunky and heavy. Today's digital signs are designed with significantly smaller, lighter parts.
  • Better Performance. Modern signage is created to perform optimally while using minimal energy.
  • Increased Durability. Thanks to the harder materials used in today's digital sign industry, modern signs are far more durable than those made years ago, withstanding nearly any type of weather condition.

4. Parts Are No Longer Available

When your sign is not functioning properly, you're likely going to need to replace one or more parts. If your sign is past its prime, you may find it difficult to find a technician who knows how to work on your particular model. Even worse? You may discover that nobody manufactures parts for your outdated sign any longer. If the right people or parts are extinct, follow your instinct and upgrade to a more modern option.

5. Cost-Effective Technology Can be Powerful, Too

Generally speaking, when technology gets an upgrade, it also becomes cheaper, more powerful, and easier to use. LED technology certainly follows suit. If you're still displaying a digital sign from a decade ago, you're probably paying too much for too little performance. With new technology, performance and efficiency go up while overall cost goes down. It also provides:

  • Minimal maintenance
  • Larger, more colorful screens
  • Clearer, easier-to-read communication

Sometimes, it's better to spend the capital expense upfront so you can reap the rewards that result from a solid upgrade.

6. Today's Software Does More

Older versions of software are sufficient for simpler tasks, but sometimes you need your sign to do more. Do blinking lights and brilliant colors feel ideal for your messaging plan? Have you been eyeballing displays that showcase short video clips and dynamic images? The world is your oyster, but you'll need a sign that can support the necessary software. With upgraded technology, you'll be able to:

  • Shoot video clips and display them on your outdoor sign
  • Adjust the time, date, and temperature
  • Schedule messages to appear on dedicated dates and times

7. Your Sign is Too Small

Signs that are too small can look a little silly. If your digital sign is disproportionate to your building, passersby might not even notice it. >Perhaps your budget was tight when you first installed your original sign, so you opted for a smaller option until you could build up your business. Maybe you've added onto your building since then, effectively shrinking the appearance of your original installation. In any case, your efforts are all for naught if nobody notices your message. A too-small sign is too much work for too little reward.

8. You're Spending Too Much on Maintenance

A digital sign that requires maintenance more than twice a year is a liability that's costing money. Every unscheduled maintenance call is a detractor from other budgetary necessities. Buyer beware: cheap digital signs are notorious for costing excess cash when it comes to repairs. When it comes to outdoor messaging, you really do get what you pay for. Instead of opting for the cheapest alternative, invest in a sign that boasts a fair price from a reputable brand.

9. Your Digital Sign Doesn't Match the Color of Your Building

Sure, renovations and repaints add aesthetic appeal to the exterior of your building, but when all is said and done, your changes may cause your color scheme to go askew. Mismatched hues and mix-and-match shades may suggest you don't care about the image you're projecting to the public at large. Remedy an unkempt appearance by upgrading to a new sign that fits your current scenery.

10. Regulations Can Deem Your Digital Sign Outdated

Sometimes, a sign that was perfectly legal when it was first installed can find itself out of regulation as zoning laws and compliance requirements evolve over time. If you're facing a situation of non-compliance in your community, your best bet is to abide by the law and look for a digital sign that's within the confines of what you're permitted to post. Out-of-regulation digital signage can result in stiff fines and penalties.

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