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2018 Summer Signage Trends

2018 Summer Signage Trends

It's been a busy summer for our Stewart Signs team. We've been ushering new technology, attending industry conferences, and making sure our staff is equipped with up-to-date knowledge, so we can answer any questions our clients may have. Throughout the year, we've noticed a few noteworthy trends in the signage industry. We thought this would be a good time to share some of the things we've noticed:

1. Rural Churches are Saying, "Let There Be Light"

Rural churches have traditionally been difficult to find, less their devout followers know the path to their pews. This year, many rural churches have decided to turn away from traditional static signs and turn on the lights, so passersby can find them more easily. LED signs enable churches of all sizes - and in any location - to enjoy the benefits available with today's technology. If you're interested in installing a digital LED sign for your rural church but are unsure about the zoning restrictions, costs, and other potential obstacles, we welcome you to reach out to our team. With five decades of experience under our belts, we'll happily help you navigate the sometimes-confusing confines of pricing and zoning requirements.

2. Municipalities are Embracing the Power of LED Sign Technology

Cities, counties, and governmental entities have begun to discover the power of communication on a mass scale. In the olden days, large marketing efforts were expensive endeavors for municipalities. Hardcopy print communications were costly and often arrived at citizens' doorsteps long after the urgency of situations was gone. With today's digital signage, municipalities are finding all sorts of ways to communicate to the public, including:

  • Messages that welcome visitors to their towns
  • Alerts that instruct citizens on what to do in the event of an emergency
  • Signs that offer up-to-date public transit schedules and traffic conditions
  • Eye-catching advertisements for local events and area businesses
  • Public parking announcements
  • Important voter information
  • Directions and attractions visitors and newcomers will find useful

The power really is in the people when it comes to today's signage options; Stewart Signs is proudly leading the way, creating municipal signage that's meant to be seen.

3. Schools are Adapting Up-to-the-Minute Communication Methods

School administrators are tasked with big jobs; they need to educate their student bodies while ensuring their pupils and staff members stay safe throughout the day. LED digital signage - both indoor and outdoor - has become an imperative part of school's disaster preparedness initiatives. Digital signs can quickly be changed to alert their audiences of precautions they take, in the event an emergency occurs. A single sign can be the gateway to many people's safety when used correctly.

4. Organizations of Every Type are Advertising Their Hashtags

With social media acting as such a strong presence in today's world, it's no wonder that churches, schools, civic organizations, businesses, and governmental institutions are turning towards the hashtag. Social media is a free marketing tool, and if you figure out how to make a few words work in your favor, your audience will respond with accolades. For many organizations, meeting people where they're paying the most attention is the biggest barrier. Hashtags change everything! One solid phrase that makes people give your sign a second glance can be worth hundreds or thousands of clicks on social media. But, how will anyone ever know what clever phrase you've come up with if you're not talking about it on your outdoor sign?

If you're looking for a high-quality sign that speaks to your audience in a manner that makes the most impact with only a few words, you need to speak to our signage pros. We'll help you determine the best type of sign for your budget, space, and organization. Get started by requesting a custom Quick Quote today!

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