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5 Benefits of Cloud-Based Sign Software

SignCommand software allows you to post messages, graphics, text, and videos on your digital sign. Since this program is based in the cloud, you get to enjoy several distinct advantages. To learn more, look at these key benefits.

1. Reduces Hardware Costs

When software is based in the cloud, that simply means that the software is stored on another company's servers and you access it over the internet. As a result, when you use cloud-based sign software, you don't have to invest in a special computer with a lot of memory or buy any new servers. Instead, you access all the software's power with any internet-connected device. To do that, you simply open a browser on your computer, tablet, or phone, sign in to your SignCommand portal and start using the software's features.

2. Protects Data

Because cloud-based software stores everything in the cloud, you don't have to worry about your data getting compromised. Imagine that you were using sign software stored on your computer's hard drive. You spent hours putting together graphics and messages for your sign, and you had months of playlists saved. However, a flood, a power surge or a virus attacked your computer. When that happened, you lost all the data saved on your hard drive including information related to your sign software.

Now imagine that you did the same thing as above; however, this time you saved everything to the cloud. If you lose your computer or if it gets compromised, you don't lose any of your sign's data. Instead, all the data is still saved in the cloud and you can simply access your files from another computer or internet-connected device.

3. Streamlines Collaboration

Because the software is based in the cloud, you and your team can access it from anywhere on your own devices. You don't have to use the same computer,and this helps to improve collaboration even if you and your collaborators are in different locations. Let's say that you wanted to post a certain graphic on your sign. You open the SignCommand software using your internet-connected device and you upload the graphic to the software. Then, you want one of your employees to add some text to the graphic. You save the information, and when they open SignCommand on their device, they see your graphics and can add more details or make other changes.

4. Updates Made from Anywhere

When you use cloud-based sign software, you can make updates from anywhere. You don't have to be near your sign. If you're a school principal and you want to make sure that a special announcement appears on your sign right away on Monday morning, you can open your SignCommand software from your home over the weekend and instruct the software to post the message early on Monday morning. In contrast with a changeable letter sign, you actually have to go to the school and make the changes manually. Similarly, if your sign were controlled by software downloaded onto your school's computers, you would also have to go to the school to make the changes.

5. Provides Remote Support

With cloud-based sign software, you can get support remotely. You don't have to schedule a technician to come to your business or organization to look at the software. Instead, they can simply provide you with support over the internet. This helps to reduce costs and potentially speeds up the response time for your tech support.

To learn more about the benefits of SignCommand, take a look at our online tutorials or contact us directly. At Stewart Signs, we specialize in providing signs to schools, churches, civic groups, municipalities, nonprofit organizations, businesses and more.

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