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7 Benefits of Channel Letter Signs

7 Benefits of Channel Letter Signs

Want a more visually exciting sign? Do you need to make your organization's name or other sign details pop? Channel letter signs are the answer! These letters add visual appeal to signs for churches, schools, businesses and more.

1. Increased Readability

Channel letters are 3D lettering options for your sign that can be mounted on many types of surfaces. By adding dimensional lettering to your sign, you can increase its visual impact and your sign's readability.

2. Endless Design Options

Your sign is one of the first ways people learn about your organization, so its design and visual appeal are critical. When designing your school or church signage, consider adding channel letters, which are available in a vast array of sizes, fonts, colors, and more to ensure your sign is an accurate representation of you. Talk to your sign specialist about having your logo or symbol added to your sign using channel letters!

3. Multiple Lighting Options

Channel letters are also available with lighting options. This feature makes it easy to see your organization's sign day or night. The LED lighting options include:

  • Backlit – This dramatic lighting option outlines your name or logo in light. The stainless-steel lettering is welded and available in a polished or brushed finish. Lettering is available with backing or without backing and come in a variety of metallic, electroplated colors. You can also opt to paint your lettering with any Pantone color. The LED modules run throughout the letter, so you get complete outlining of your letters in the lighting color of your choice.
  • Front-lit – The most common type of channel lettering lights up your company name through LED lighting. These letters are designed with a stainless-steel return and acrylic front, which allows the LEDs to illuminate your letters evenly.
  • Front and backlit – For maximum visual impact, you can opt to have your lettering both front and backlit. This design combines the stainless-steel frame with the acrylic front and an open back to allow the LED lighting to outline your letters.
  • Front and side-lit – Another popular option is to have your sign lit from the front and side. For this option, small perforations in the sidewalls of the channel letter are drilled, which allow the light to create and unique and exciting visual effect.
  • Black and white faces – This unique option is great for creating a dramatic shift between day and night for your organization. The sign can be made to appear black during the day, and white when lit up a night using small perforations in the face of the letter.

4. Perfect for Upgrading Old Signage

Channel letters can give a stylish facelift to old signage or other vertical surfaces that identify your organization. Breathe new life into your sign by adding channel letters, which can be mounted on many types of surfaces.

5. Variety of Mounting Options

Channel letters have highly versatile mounting options, so you can always find a solution that works for your organization. Flush mounting positions the letters tightly to the sign or underlying surfaces. For raceway mounting, the letters are mounted to a metal, rectangular structure that may contain wires or other components for the sign. If you're installing the channel letters directly to a building, a raceway mount allows you to put fewer holes into the building itself. Your sign consultant can help you find the best mounting option for your situation.

6. Cost-Effective

Because our lit channel letters utilize LED bulbs, they are energy efficient and help keep your energy costs for your signage low. Our LED channel letters are designed to withstand harsh outdoor conditions and do not require routine maintenance.

7. Great for Building Your Brand

Whether you run a school, a church, a local business, or other organization, the exterior of your building and your signage reflects your brand. By adding quality channel letters to your sign or your building's exterior, you cast your brand in a positive light by increasing your outreach and visual appeal.

At Stewart Signs, we help churches, schools, non-profits and multiple other groups and organizations improve communication, boost visibility and more with quality signage. We offer a wide range of channel letters to help you meet your signage goals. To see channel letters in action, check out this sign from the First Baptist Church in Plant City, Florida. Contact us today to learn more about channel letters and other sign essentials.

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