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How to Best Protect Your Outdoor Digital Signs from Inclement Weather

Outdoor digital signs are exposed to all kinds of elements. By their mere nature, they're forced to face unrelenting winds, extreme temperatures, and precipitation of all sorts. It's no wonder you'd be thinking about how to protect your outdoor messaging investment from inclement weather.

Do You Need a Protective Shelter?

No, you don't need a protective shelter. This statement comes with a caveat - some companies' outdoor signs absolutely require awnings, overhead structures, and other forms of protective shelters to keep their signs safe from inclement weather.

The key is in the construction and components. When you purchase a sign built with high-quality sign cabinet construction and top-of-the-line components, you don't have to worry about the added expense and hassle of an additional structure for your sign. A solid, professionally-welded cabinet with will prevent water and particulate intrusion and protect your sign from the elements.

Take our outdoor digital signs, for example. Our LED signs are built to withstand harsh weather conditions such as humidity, precipitation, and extreme winds without necessitating additional structures.

How Do Freestanding Signs Withstand Extreme Weather?

It's all about the quality of construction. Inferior materials will rust in precipitation or fall apart when heavy winds hit. Bolts can break, and acrylic may crack over time when Mother Nature has a bad day if low-grade materials are used. Many times, this is why people build protective structures to surround their signs.

Freestanding signs that are built with the best quality materials and components in the business don't run the other way when tough weather settles in. Our outdoor digital signs are constructed to withstand winds over 120 miles per hour because of the way we design and build our unitized cabinets. Our cabinets and signs are characterized by:

  • Rust-proof, heavy-gauge aluminum extrusions
  • Welded-reinforced mitered corners
  • Carbon steel leg support structures

What Exactly are Top-Quality Components for Outdoor Digital Signs?

Most signs include the same basic components. They have a face, legs, and some final finishes. However, not all sign parts are created equal.

High quality components will keep your sign safe from the ground up.

  • Solar-Grade TUFFAK SLĀ® Polycarbonate Sign Faces - When this material is coextruded, it becomes so durable that it's virtually unbreakable, keeping your outdoor investment safe from both weather and vandals. It's also graffiti-resistant and won't cloud or turn yellow. Pan-forming gives sign faces further strength and rigidity while providing a more appealing look over flat surfaces.
  • Carbon Steel Legs are able to withstand hurricane- and tornado-force winds and can hold their own when flood waters invade cities and towns unexpectedly.
  • Durable Powder-Coat Finishes - Industrial-grade powder coating provides superior protection against chipping and impact. Great finishes also enhance color and gloss retention for many years, protecting your outdoor digital sign against ugly fading that can send the wrong message to your audience. Powder-coat finishes make it easy to remove graffiti, too, should your sign be victimized by vandals.
  • Cabinets made from heavy-gauge aluminum extrusions.

What About a Warranty?

It's hard to imagine a reputable sign company that doesn't offer warranties. Before you make a purchase, make sure the company you're considering not only offers warranties, make sure they offer solid, useful warranties. The word "warranty" is meant to make you feel comfortable with your purchase, but sometimes, the fine print negates any assurance you're seeking.

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