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Eagle Scouts and Stewart Signs: The Perfect Pair

Eagle Scouts and Stewart Signs: The Perfect Pair

Boy Scouts of America (BSA) is an incredible organization - renowned throughout the United States and beyond - for delivering exceptional service to anyone who needs it. Boy Scouts have the opportunity to participate in many events, which help them build a stronger sense of community and self. Among these projects, the Eagle Scout Service Project - or, simply, Eagle Project - is a highly regarded mission that brings individuals and groups together, unified by a single mission: to benefit the community at large through learned leadership skills.

Eagle Scout Projects: The Basics

Boy Scouts who are involved in the Eagle Project have dedicated a significant commitment to their communities. They must demonstrate leadership, forward-thinking, and organizational skills, and above all else, they must put the community's needs above their own. This project isn't about being an individual; it's about bolstering community spirit in a way that makes people proud to be part of such an accomplishment—even if one person lays the initial building block.

An Eagle Scout project must be completed by the time the Scout reaches his or her 18th birthday. The project has to involve an improvement for the greater good of the entire community, which can mean anything from water fountains to awesome signage. The thing is, great signs are the gifts that keep on giving, and that's why so many Eagle Scouts reach out to Stewart Signs when they need assistance with their projects.

Eagle Scout Service Projects: The Principles

When Boy Scouts set out on their Eagle Projects, they often need a little guidance and funding from the community. Rest assured, these young people aren't looking for handouts! They're ready to work for everything given to them; that's why Stewart Signs is proud to steward their progression toward their Eagle titles. The key features of these endeavors include:

  • Planning. The Scout is responsible for identifying community needs, resources, and potential outcomes.
  • Development. The Scout must work with potential vendors, city planners, and other essential professionals to ensure the project comes to fruition.
  • Leadership. It's up to the Scout to plan accordingly and make dreams come to fruition by way of the leadership skills he or she has been taught.

Eagle Scout Projects: What Mission Should You Take On?

As long as the project involves improving others' situations in some way, Boy Scouts have an entire world of opportunity. It's important that they choose something they're truly interested in, as their Eagle Projects require commitment and a genuine desire to see the assignment through to completion. If you're trying to decide which type of project would work well for you, consider the following Eagle Projects that have really made a difference for those impacted by their Scouts' efforts:

Feeding the Homeless & Hungry

Feeding homeless people is always an honorable endeavor. There are a number of ways you can go about it, such as organizing a soup kitchen in a mess hall-type setting or packaging meals for underprivileged kids.

Honoring Fallen Veterans with Proper Military Signage

Some cemeteries simply can't afford to place a plaque alongside every soldiers' gravestone. In some unfortunate cases, nobody even knows who has has been laid to rest there. Eagle Scouts who take on the task of ensuring our country's veterans are always honored and remembered with beautiful military signage are special people who deserve their own awards.

Enhancing Church Buildings and Grounds

Churches can almost always use an extra hand. If you want to focus on a church project, t ake a look at what others before you have accomplished. Consider:

  • Creating wheelchair access ramps and sturdy handrails to ensure the safety and stability of everyone who attends church;
  • Building a playground so the congregation's little ones enjoy Sunday morning just as much as their parents do;
  • Raising money for a church sign so the church can help spread God's Word on outdoor art that will also attract new visitors.

Eagle Scout Project: Fundraising

Of course, coming up with your idea is just the first step. No matter what you decide to do, you're going to need to fund your Eagle Scout project. Before you approach anyone, make sure you've done your homework. How much are you trying to raise? Can you answer questions that might come your way? Do you have a business card, marketing collateral, or other information you can leave businesses so they can contact you later? Here are some Scouting fundraising ideas to get you started:

1. Organize a Dine-and-Donate

Work with local restaurant owners to arrange a donation of a certain percentage of their proceeds to your Eagle Scout project. Many restaurants are willing to give 20% of sales for a good cause.

2. Host a Pancake Breakfast

Pancake breakfasts can be hosted very inexpensively, particularly if you're able to find a civic organization that will donate space to your for free. If you're raising money for a VFW, church, or other organization that has a lot of room, that should be your first stop! Charge admission to your event and have a donation bucket or two, in case people want to add to your pot.

3. Rally for a Raffle

Raffle tickets offer an easy way to make money. You'll need to find someone who's willing to donate something of value; the more stuff you get, the more tickets you can sell! Don't be discouraged by small contributions. Every little bit helps, and you can compile smaller donations into mystery baskets. Be sure to pay attention to social media and engage with organizations and individuals that are helping you out. Social media is the freest way to market yourself, and every extra set of eyes helps when you're trying to raise money!

How Stewart Signs Teams Up with Eagle Scouts

Stewart Signs is proud to help Eagle Scouts earn their badges. For us, it's about bringing the community together with messaging that makes sense and helps everyone get on the same page. Everything we do is about community involvement, which makes our company a perfect pairing for Scouts' projects. If your desire is to increase communications within your community, Stewart Signs will offer a $500 incentive toward your order as a kick-starter for your project goals. Let us know what you want to achieve, and which type of organization you're working with, and we'll help you fill in the details. Community service is one of our main core values; we're happy to help Eagle Scouts succeed when they've done their due diligence.

Why Signage Matters

As an Eagle Scout, you already know your community is important, but what you can bring to the table with beautiful signage is invaluable. With your efforts, your community will know what's going on, where they need to be, and what matters most in an emergency. When everything is said and done, it's your signage that got the message across. Any Boy Scout seeking Eagle Scout recognition should consider a place where signage in the community would be helpful. When your Eagle Scouts are behind important messaging, everyone will pay attention.

If your troop is ready to start your sign fundraising campaign with a bang, Stewart Signs is ready to help. Thanks to five decades of signage experience, and a team of professionals who are dedicated to serving our communities, you can trust that your Eagle Scout projects are in good hands. From fire departments to libraries and Masonic Lodges, your community will always appreciate beautiful signage. Reach out to our team to learn how your troop can up the ante on awesome fundraising capabilities!

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