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Five Reasons Why You Need Outdoor LED Signs

Organizations of all types are getting their message out with electronic signs. These tools will allow you to thrive through effective communication. If it's not already obvious why outdoor LED signs are beneficial, then read on to find out five great reasons why you need one.

1. Attract the general public!

Grab the attention of the countless people passing by with an outdoor LED sign and let them know important information. You can share special dates or announcements, anniversaries, community information, seasonal greetings or holiday wishes. There are countless ways you can communicate and connect with your community with outdoor LED signs. Don't miss the opportunity to showcase essential or inviting information.

2. Update your outdoor LED anytime.

Weather will not prevent you from changing your message with outdoor LED signs. Eliminate the need to change the individual letters on your sign in the heavy heat of the summer or the frigid cold in the winter. Forget crafting your messages based on the amount of letters you have in your set. With the technology in outdoor LED signs, you create your message from any device with an internet connection. If you invest in an outdoor LED sign, you will never order another letter again.

3. Outdoor LED signs are environmentally friendly.

Compared to older lighted signs, LED signs made today are better for the environment in general. On average LED signs are 80% more efficient than incandescent and fluorescent signs. They also require less electricity than previously produced lighted signs and using less energy reduces the demand from power plants, which in turn will reduce the amount of greenhouse gas emissions. In addition to being eco-friendly, outdoor LED signs do not contain any harmful or toxic chemicals compared to fluorescent or neon signs that contain gases.

4. Durable and long-lasting investment.

Getting outdoor LED signs will be an investment that is long lasting. LEDs are not like light bulbs that burn out over time and they can last many years longer. Industry standard LEDs are rated to last 100,000 hours, or 11+ years, of constant use. This means your outdoor LED signs will be bright and shining 24 hours a day and for many years in the future.

5. High-quality community outreach.

Become a community leader with outdoor LED signs. Once your sign is up and running with high-quality graphics and animated text, your organization will be looked upon as innovative, tech-savvy and an authority in communication. LED signs create prestige through engaging interaction with your community. You will be front and center for amazing public outreach with outdoor LED signs.

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