How Often Should You Change the Message on Your Church Sign?

How Often Should You Change the Message on Your Church Sign?

When it comes to telling the community about God's Word, few things are better than a brightly lit church sign that incorporates a warm and welcoming message. Many times, churches change their messages infrequently, which means the people who pass by get used to seeing the same sign, day after day. In other words, they stop paying attention because the sign just becomes part of an everyday landscape. To truly reach out to your community, it's important to update your signage as frequently as possible.

Show Your Church's Personality

If your pastor has a good sense of humor, find ways to broadcast that element on your outdoor digital signage. Come up with quirky ways to invite new people to come through the front doors, or simply put a twist on a bible passage that passersby are sure to notice. There is no right way to get God's Word to the people. The only restriction is making sure your church adheres to its core value proposition when displaying messaging for the whole world to see. Updating your message weekly will ensure you draw attention before your next worship.

Keep Up on Events

If you have a group of congregants who are especially great at hosting events, make sure your church signage is constantly updated to entice people to attend the events your church sponsors. An active church may have up to three or four events going on every week, from bingo to bible study. With LED digital signage, you have complete control over your messages and can display advertisements for each of your events. Consider posting slideshows or changing the screen to ensure everyone gets a look at the events your church has planned. Update your sign with upcoming events as soon as you've solidified the details. Keep events posted until the day they happen so everyone has the opportunity to learn about the things your church is doing.

Thank Local Businesses

When local businesses support your church, it's important to pay it forward. Utilize your valuable church sign real estate to thank the companies that donate to your events, supply you with volunteers, or spread your church's message within their own advertisements. Incorporating ‘thank you' messages into your signage strategy can really pay off. Some businesses might even pay you for the opportunity to be sponsored on your signage.

Embrace the Change of Seasons

Even if you only change your sign every so often, take advantage of seasonal changes. When summer sun turns to falling leaves-or wintery snow begins to thaw-people are in the mood for change. They're paying attention to everything around them, and that means they're also more likely to pay attention to your sign's message. Take advantage of changing seasons by celebrating the upcoming months with welcoming messages that make people reflect on the good things that come in quarterly chunks.

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