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What an LED Sign Says About Your School

Making an investment in an LED sign for your school will show your staff, students, parents, prospective new hires, as well all others passing by that your school is a future-focused educational institution. With a new LED school sign, you can quickly and conveniently share the mission of your school along with many other current messages such as important announcements, special events, holiday greetings and community information. LED signs exhibits progressive thinking and a commitment to technology and technological advancement.

Custom graphics on your new LED school sign will leave an impression with staff, students as well as the local community. In addition, the LED school sign informs your students and parents of important dates such as PTA meetings, days off, fundraisers, and sporting event information in an engaging way. Plus, you can share important notices for the community in general. It is an all-around great communication tool for so many important individuals and now is the time to act.

All in all, getting a new LED school sign is a win from many perspectives. Beyond the impactful communication it provides, the sign can be easily updated from anywhere with cloud-based software. Using a mobile device or a computer and the messages can change on a daily basis, through a simple scheduling system. What's more, users can be managed by the school, so whoever needs access to the sign can start getting the messages out quickly.

A new look in front of your school will be a very worthwhile investment and will serve your school for years to come. Contact one of our LED school sign consultants today to get a no obligation quote and a free, personalized artistic rendering of your new school sign today. We have been providing quality signs since 1968 and have the experience to help your school achieve its goals with a new LED sign. Get into the digital age and show off your new LED school sign – now is the time to start!

What you need to know about buying a new school sign.

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