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LED Sign Upgrade for Ocean Park Community Church

Outdoor LED Church Sign for Ocean Park Community Church

The Ocean Park Community Church is a staple of the rural community of Ocean Park, WA. This church had served the area for 70 years, and Pastor Marty Cole was eager to improve their outreach and community involvement.

The church was positioned on a peninsula with a road in front running from north to south. Cars on this road passed the old, outdated letterboard sign that had been installed in the 50s or 60s on a daily basis as residents came to and from their vacation homes. This sign was difficult for Pastor Marty to maintain since the high winds from the ocean often blew the letters off, and the illuminated banner was outdated. After struggling for years with the ancient sign that continued to give him trouble, Pastor Marty knew it was time for a change and began researching options for new signs.

The Problem

Because the sign for Ocean Park Community Church had been installed so long ago, its design was incredibly outdated. The sign was built with an illuminated banner on top and an acrylic front. Metal letters could then be placed on the corrugated board inside, but they often blew away in severe weather, which became quite expensive to replace. The letters were only 2-3” tall and difficult for passerby to see when they’re driving at 35 mph. The sign was positioned on the land at an awkward diagonal angle that only allowed it to be visible from the road in one direction. All of these factors made the sign nearly ineffective in attracting new attendees or communicating important church information to the community.

The Solution

After years of fundraising and working with Stewart Signs on designs, price, and requirements, Pastor Marty was able to find the perfect solution for their new church sign. He settled on a 10 millimeter, 4’ x 8’, double-sided, LED sign with no banner centered on the property where it could be easily seen by anyone passing on the road in front of the church. Stewart Signs worked with Pastor Marty to design a sign that would be able to withstand the 150 mph winds that are often experienced in Ocean Park, and ensured him that the high-quality construction of the sign would keep it from fading or damaging over time.

The Installation

Raising the funds for the new sign came as a bit of a task for Pastor Marty; the church went through some hard times shortly after he started the project for improving the sign. After several years of raising money for the sign, the church was still coming up short, until a gracious benefactor offered to match their money dollar-for-dollar for the new sign.

Finally, the plans for the new LED sign were set into motion. The community came together to help install the base, concrete, and electrical for the new sign. Because of the high-winds, Pastor Marty knew the sign would need a strong base, so he set about digging a large pit to set the concrete in. The pit needed to be 40” deep, 7’ long, and 2 ½’ wide in order to counter the weight of the sign that would be mounted 12-13’ above the ground.

They used a track hoe to dig the pit, but the sand continued fall back into place. Pastor Marty did some problem solving and ultimately ended up building a fiber box into the pit to keep everything level. In the end, they were able to set the rebar and pour concrete for the base, which fit perfectly when it was time to install. Eight 30” bolts were used to secure the base to the concrete pad. A local contractor helped mount the 1,900-pound sign on its 8’ pedestal, and a local electrician took care of running all the electric.

It was a proud moment for Pastor Marty and the members of the community on the day the sign went up and was finally turned on; everyone was happy to see the fruit of their labor as they worked together to make this vision a reality. They held a celebration on the lawn, which included a live concert from a band that traveled down from Seattle for the event, and they dedicated the sign to the man who had contributed so much to their project.

The Benefits

After installing the new LED sign in September, Ocean Park Community Church has seen 20 to 30 new members join their community on Sunday mornings. The church has been able to increase its involvement in the community by partnering with local non-profits to promote upcoming events, charities, and activities. This double-sided LED sign has become a central point for the local community, as it is able to display over 60 slides of information. Stewart Signs helped the church get started with their slides by providing a selection of pre-set options, but with a little help from a local artist, the church was able to expand their slideshow to include a vast array of information.

Now, they can easily display the local time, temperature, tides, and basic information about the church. Pastor Marty can program the slides to update the community on any upcoming events, fire department news, and much more. Stewart Signs are built with the best materials on the market, so they’ll stand up to almost anything. The unitized cabinets, which house the sign, are built from heavy gauge aluminum, so they won’t rust in the weather, and feature welded reinforced mitered corners.

The faces of the signs are constructed with a coextruded solar grade TUFFAK SL which is virtually unbreakable, and its industrial powder-coat finish makes it easy to clean. This material will also prevent yellowing, fading, or clouding over time. The powder-coating is low in volatile organic compounds (VOLs) which can be harmful to the environment, making this sign an environmentally friendly option, as well.

Stewart Signs offers lifetime guarantees on all its signs, which translates to the best warranties in the business. Stewart Signs will replace anything - from support structure damage, to wear and tear on the face of the sign — for the lifetime of the signs, even if the damage is from vandalism. Pastor Marty and his church can rest assured that even if the weather takes a toll on their beautiful new LED sign, Stewart Signs will stand behind them to get it repaired.

In Need of an Upgrade?

Pastor Marty was incredibly pleased with the new sign from Stewart Signs, saying the lifetime warranty was a major selling point for him, along with the ability to choose the design of the sign to fit his needs. Another great benefit to choosing Stewart Signs was the easy-to-use technology that allowed the church to customize the slideshow to their community. Pastor Marty said that the process was well worth the hard work he and the community put into getting the new LED sign installed. Not only has it helped the church to become a bigger part of the community, but it has inspired growth within the church as well.

Your sign is the first impression you leave on anyone who passes it. If you are looking for a great way to give your company a new face, contact Stewart Signs. We have over 50 years of experience working with churches, businesses, schools, and non-profits to provide high-quality, long-lasting signs that are custom designed to fit your company’s needs. All Stewart Signs come with a lifetime warranty for any damage to the face or structure, so you can rest assured that your investment will be protected for years to come. If you are in need of an upgrade for your church sign or business sign, give Stewart Signs a call. We’ll help you build a better first impression that will help your church or business grow.

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