School Fundraising Option: Raise up to $5,000 in minutes!

By applying for the Lowe's Toolbox for Education grant, schools can receive up $5,000 for their sign project. Lowe's will donate up to $5 million to public schools and public school parent-teacher groups – at as many as 1,000 different public schools per school year. See if you're elegible for this exciting program!


Go to to see if you are eligible! Why not take advantage of this incredible opportunity and put it toward your new sign? We have found that the strongest selling point for winning a grant is explaining how vital communication with parents, students and the community is for your school. Study after study has shown that a school sign is the most effective form of communication and that is vital to the success of every child's education.


Lowe's provides a simple 3 step process to follow for application success. By following these key steps you can be certain to have everything you need before filing your online grant application.

Step 1: Print out and review the Pre-Application Checklist.
Step 2: Confirm your school is in the Lowe's database.
Step 3: Submit your application.

It's that easy. Go to for more details.

Circle of Winners

Visit the Lowe's Toolbox for Education Winner's Circle to see what other grant winners have done for their school.  There are also some additional tips, ideas, and suggestions about how to celebrate a successful grant application and the value it can bring to your group, school and community.

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