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3 Easy Steps to Help Your School Get a FREE Sign

Communication with parents, students and the community is essential. Outdoor signage is one of the most effective and efficient ways to accomplish this sometimes daunting task. Whether it is a dynamic LED message center or a traditional changeable letter marquee, your school needs a communication method that is reliable and easy to update.

With us, not only are you sure to find the right sign to match your school's needs, but we can also provide ideas to help you get it for free through sponsors! Simply follow these three easy steps!

1. Design the perfect sign so you know what your goal is.

Having a representation of what the sign will look like will greatly increase your chances of selling sponsorships to local businesses. They will be able to envision the attractive sign grabbing the attention of potential customers passing by your sign!

2. Determine which local businesses to offer sponsorship opportunities.

Think about where your school is located in the community and what types of consumers see your sign every day. The options below are often great choices:

  • Civic Organizations
  • Gyms
  • Banks
  • Real Estate Agencies
  • Law Firms
  • Car Dealerships
  • Townships / County Organizations

3. Decide how to approach business owners and GET OUT THERE!

Determine if you will go door to door, call, use newspaper advertisements, websites, direct mail, etc. to reach out to businesses. Make sure to contact your sign consultant to ask for pointers. We have letter templates and helpful information that can assist you in your efforts to sell sponsorships! Then get out there and raise the money!

Hear it first hand from North Metcalfe Elementary School:

"Mail out as many letters as possible explaining that the sign not only reaches out to parents and students, but the community as well," advises Trina Parnell, a member of the school's staff. The school was able to acquire the funds for their new sign in 90 days. One business, Edmonton State Bank, generously offered to pay 1/5 of the cost in return for having their name placed first on the sign's base.

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