Successful Sign Design

What's the first thing you notice about an organization when driving or walking by? The sign; it's the first, and often most visible impression made on us. There are so many design options out there, so many different angles – literally and figuratively – that you really should consider when you design your sign.

If you're thinking about directing the design process yourself, we have some suggestions from our pros that will help you create the best sign possible. But remember: if you're feeling overwhelmed, one of our Sign Consultants is always available and willing to help you with your sign design.

Tips for Successful Design

  • Contrast is key! What looks good on white paper may not look great on an illuminated sign, so contrast should be one of your design priorities. For example, a white background is very bright and can easily overpower text, making it disappear.
  • An outline will not help if the contrast isn't there. Instead, do this: use white text against a deep, vibrant color. In our experience, this gives the biggest impact.
  • Font matters! Thin letters won't read well and will disappear against a very bright background. You want your message to come across loud and clear, so punch it up.
  • If you're not sure about any part of the design process, let our Sign Consultants pitch in – that's what we're here for.


When working with graphics, make sure your logo looks as perfect on your sign as it does on your letterhead. Your Sign Consultant can provide feedback regarding the type and quality of your logo image file.

  • A vector file is the best option, because it can be enlarged to any size without distortion. You can also use a Photoshop file created at full size so you can see what the final product looks like.
  • If you want to display information such as your organization's email address, street address, or phone number, consider adding it elsewhere on the sign. Your Sign Consultant will assist you with the best placement for that information, so it doesn't detract from the power of your logo.

We hope these tips will be of assistance to you in your design process. Don't forget though; our Sign Consultants are here to provide the guidance you need to create a visually impactful, well-designed sign. From conception to completed product and beyond, we are here to help when you need it!

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