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A Super Salute to School Pride

School Pride

To many administrators, school is about one thing: academics. While education is certainly an important aspect of the entire scholastic experience, there's a lot more that rounds out students' and staff's voyages. School pride is an intangible—yet essential—ingredient to any school's success. The entire journey is about creating memories, which capture moments that simply can't be recreated down the road.

It's not about your students going to school; it's about your students going to your school and being incredibly proud of that fact. School spirit incorporates two main ingredients: excitement and the ability to be a part of something that's unique to your student body. Other schools may have your colors or share a similar mascot, but the presence your school puts forth is unlike any other. This is your time to shine, and school spirit allows your students to own their right to be who they are as individuals while being part of something bigger than themselves.

Why is School Pride Important?

School pride has plenty of positive impact on educational communities. Obviously, there's a pleasantness associated with pride that simply can't be achieved when students don't feel connected to their schools. Similar to the way employers must constantly look for ways to engage with their employees to keep morale and productivity high, schools must look for ways to boost school pride so students feel compelled to do their very best for the places they represent.

School spirit goes beyond pep rallies and furry mascots. In fact, research shows there's a connection between the amount of pride students feel for their schools and their abilities to learn and grow as individuals outside the school's walls. Students who proudly connect with their schools are more likely to perform well academically, which typically leads to positive opportunities after graduation. Engaged students are also more likely to have higher self-esteem, participate in community projects, and take on leadership roles in social and civic settings.

Driving Post-Graduation School Pride

Most people think of school pride solely as being something students experience while they're attending that institution. Wise school leaders know, however, there's a lot of value to be obtained for driving long-lasting connections with students.

Schools that are able to foster long-lasting pride are far more likely to receive financial contributions from its students as they graduate and become working adults. At the same point, these adults will be more likely to consider enrolling their own kids in a school where they themselves were happy and felt valued, as opposed to a place where morale and pride were low.

Initiatives to drive post-graduation school spirit may include a number of efforts, depending on the age of the students attending that particular school. School pride really begins in preschool and continues all the way up to colleges and universities. Creating a global sense of community will ultimately deliver success for future generations, as everyone comes together, united toward common goals.

How You Can Boost Your School's Spirit

School pride can be found at every angle of your institution. Some of your students are athletes and thrive in a competitive environment. Others are social butterflies that are at their best when they're surrounded by others. Naturally, some of your pupils put on their best faces when it comes to their studies.

The key is finding ways to embrace all of your students' attributes, so everyone feels included and celebrated. No matter what everyone's unique contributions are to your school's team, school pride is about building a bond that encompasses everyone. When people feel like they're part of a team, they can accomplish amazing things, lift each other up, celebrate wins, and work through losses.

Here are some ideas:

  • Support Sports. 72% of students with higher levels of school spirit are more likely to be involved in organized sports at school than their low school spirit peers.
  • Focus on Featuring Outstanding Acts. Students love to be put in the spotlight. Look for ways to showcase your kids' talents to the school and the community at large. Consider taking to social media so you can show your accolades to the world. Find ways to highlight their successes on school signs, local news spots, and your school's own newsletter.
  • Reward Achievements with Awards. Your top performers might be used to regular recognition, but there are plenty of students, who try their best every day, who may never quite make it to the top. Participation awards are a great way to show your students you appreciate all of their efforts. A simple ribbon or plaque can put a great deal of pride into a person who struggles to be seen.
  • Connect with Your Community. Community outreach is an important way of ensuring local business owners and decision makers are aware of your efforts as an academic institution. Not only is it just a good idea for schools to foster positive community relations, but solid strategies can afford your school funding when bonds, levies, and calls for assistance are made to the public. Digital signs allow you to easily connect with your community and send important messages.
  • Fight off Bullies. Speaking of school pride, don't forget to keep a strong focus on anti-bullying campaigns. This is a different world than it once was; providing an environment where students feel safe to learn and grow is an essential ingredient to building school pride.

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