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Top 5 Ways to Promote Safety with Your Outdoor Sign

Municipalities across the country are always looking for new ways to promote safety throughout their communities. Outdoor signs are one of the most effective ways to deliver your messages. They offer your organization 24/7 advertising which helps you promote everything that’s happening in your town or city. Wondering how your sign can be used to promote safety in your community? To give you some ideas, here's a look at the top 5 ways to promote safety on your outdoor sign.

Community Clean-up Day

Community clean-up days are not only a great way to bring people together, but also help keep everyone safe. Debris from construction, traffic incidents, litter, etc. can end up on the sidewalks and roadways which can be hazardous to people and wildlife. Depending on the size of your town or city, you may want to have monthly or quarterly clean-up days. Use your outdoor sign to promote needing volunteers, the date, time, location, and how they can sign up.

Emergency Alert System

If your outdoor sign is an LED sign, you can utilize it as an emergency alert system. Announce important life-saving information such as inclement weather alerts, heat advisories, fire dangers, shelter information and more to your community. You can send these messages to your sign at any time using the Quick Message feature in our SignCommand cloud-based software. This feature is perfect for those unexpected emergencies that need to be quickly revealed to the public such as Amber or Silver Alerts, emergency evacuations, road closures, etc. For a quick tutorial on how to use Quick Message, visit the SignCommand support page.

Provide Safety Reminders

One of the most common things promoted on outdoor signs being used by municipalities, police departments, and even fire departments are safety reminders. You have probably seen those portable LED signs stationed at event parking sites that remind people to lock their cars, or maybe even FDOT signs on the interstate reminding you to buckle up. Though these are great ways to share reminders, unless you are attending events or driving on the interstate, those messages can go unnoticed. Help further the reach into your community by displaying some additional safety messages on your outdoor sign. These can be messages with speed limit reminders, don’t drive under the influence, reminders to stop for school buses, check your smoke detectors, and much more.

Community Health Reminders

Unfortunately, we are not in the clear from the COVID-19 pandemic just yet. With new variants surfacing, many organizations are starting to require proof of vaccines, negative test results, and even mask mandates still in place. Your organization can use their outdoor sign to help remind citizens to get vaccinated, where to find rapid testing sites, and important mask mandate information. Our SignCommand library has a large selection of community health graphics that will be sure to grab the attention of all who pass by.

Host Community Events

Hosting a community event is a great way to educate the community on important safety topics. These topics can be fire safety, self-defense classes, CPR training, and more. If you are using your changeable letter sign to promote your event, you may run into some trouble fitting your entire message on to your sign. A clever alternative is to advertise just enough on your sign to get their attention, then send them to your social media page for more information. You can use your Facebook page to create an event, then ask those who sign up to share the link with their friends. For our LED sign customers, be sure to check out our Editor features in SignCommand. This will allow you to create custom messages with specific details about your event.

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