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Why a UL Listing is Important for a Sign

Stewart Signs believes in quality. To reassure our clients of the safety and quality of our products, we obtain UL Listings on our complete sign products. Wondering about this certification? Curious about how it safeguards quality? To learn the essentials, take a look at why it's important for a sign to be UL Listed.

What Does UL Mean?

UL stands for Underwriters Laboratories, a nonprofit organization that was formed over 100 years ago. Recognized around the world, UL conducts safety testing and assesses quality standards for a range of products, particularly electrical products.

How Do Products Earn UL Listings and Certifications?

To become UL listed, manufacturers must submit to extensive examinations of their products and their processes. A highly trained representative from Underwriters Laboratories tests the company's products to make sure that they meet quality and safety standards. The representative also looks over the manufacturing facility and assesses its processes to ensure that they meet essential quality criteria. Most importantly, these tests don't just happen once. To maintain a UL listing or certification, manufacturers have to submit to quarterly reviews of their manufacturing facilities.

What Do UL Listings Prove?

A UL listing provides third-party verification that a product meets a certain level of safety and quality standards. It also indicates that the company has high standards and is committed to creating quality products for its customers. Unfortunately, some manufacturers just throw products onto the marketplace without getting any third-party certifications or listings.

When a company takes the time earn these certifications, it indicates that they care about their customers and the quality of their products. If you see a UL label on a product, you can be assured that the product and the manufacturing process have been assessed. Since the verifications are updated regularly, you know that the company didn't just pass a single check; rather, they continuously work hard to meet specific quality standards.

Do All Products Pass UL Tests?

Underwriters Laboratories does not grant certifications or listings easily. In fact, at one point, UL reported that of 25,000 pieces evaluated over 17,000 had deficiencies. In other words, about 68% of products that were checked by UL representatives didn't meet safety standards due to fire risk, shock hazards, incorrect markings or misapplied components. When a product actually earns the right to bear the UL Listed label, you know that it has not passed an easy test. It's been subjected to a rigorous review that not all companies can pass.

What Does Being UL Listed Mean?

Underwriters Laboratories offers a few different markings for products, and the UL mark you see on products varies depending on which type of listing the manufacturer has obtained. A UL Listed product features a label with the UL letters and trademark sign in the middle of a circle, and the word "LISTED" appears under the circle. Products with this label don't have a foreseeable risk of fire, electric shock, or related hazards in a division 2 / zone 2 environment.

If a product is UL Recognized, its label features a backward "UR" which stands for "UL Recognized". This mark means the products have been tested as a component, and they meet safety and quality standards to be used in an end-product or system. For a product that you plan to use as-is you want a UL listed label, but for something that is going to be placed inside of a housing or used as a component, the UL Recognized label is sufficient.

At Stewart Signs, we believe in quality but we don't expect you to take our word for it. We use independent testers from Underwriters Laboratories and their assessments to prove the safety and durability of our products. Contact us to learn more about our high-quality UL Listed signs.

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