3 Things that Boost Church Attendance


These days, there are only a few ways a church can draw in more people. And “draw in” we don’t mean a rummage sale, we mean specifically inviting people to attend services at your church. So what works?


A Personal Invitation from a Member: This method is ideal. There is probably no more thoughtful or effective way to bring a visitor to your congregation. The only hitch here is the lack of control over how often those invitations are made.



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Outdoor Signage: Do you believe in first impressions? The people passing by your church probably do and a big factor is your church sign.

Think about it … it’s the only way you can communicate to members and non-members alike 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Your sign is the welcome mat of your church and should represent the high standard of excellence that you maintain inside your four walls as well.

Your ministry on the lawn is the next best thing to a handshake and, after all, a simple invitation on your sign could make the difference to someone who has always wondered what your church is like. Think about effortlessly reaching the thousands of people who are right there in your community – who pass by every day – and letting them know what you’re about.




The Internet: Gone are the days of flipping through the “Churches” category of the yellow pages. Today it’s all online.

Having a professional and functional website that is easy to navigate will bring in those who might be church-shopping in your area. Consider it the “visit before the visit” and it’s especially true for young families. This also goes for your church’s Facebook page. Make sure you have one and that you post recent events so that prospective visitors can see what you’re about.

If your congregation has room for growth, now might be the time to look into the tools you are using to invite new members. With a combination of changes to the ways you actively invite visitors, you can reach more people and spread God’s Word.

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