Cell connections as communication methods for LED signs

Cellular connections via cell modems are increasingly becoming the connection option of choice. They use the same data network as your smartphone to access your sign, but the data costs are less than a typical cell phone plan due to the LED manufacturer’s economy of scale.

Stewart Signs uses Verizon’s 4G LTE network and provides an external internet IP address for the cell modem to use. The cell modem is installed and connected to the sign that allows you to send messages to the sign over the internet. Because of this, cellular connectivity can provide an efficient, affordable, and convenient way of updating your digital sign remotely.

Cell connect is sought after because, like your cell phone, it is the most reliable connection type. With a constant connection to the internet, it also means that your sign’s clock and temperature readouts are always accurate.

Lastly, it means the sign can be located anywhere. With other communication options, you either need a physical connection or line-of-sight from the sign to the receiver. A physical connection may require digging a line for a fiber cable, which can be expensive. Meanwhile, line-of-sight limits distance, must have a receiver mounted to the building, and must be free of barriers like trees.

The cloud is quickly becoming home to more and more varieties of technology solutions, especially by those purchasing LED signs with cloud-based software. To learn more about our cloud-based software click here.

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