Low Profile

Changeable Letter Signs by Stewart Signs

Our Low Profile signs offer the flexible messaging capabilities of a changeable letter sign at a lower overall height. Select this model if you're in an area with zoning, clearance, traffic or line-of-sight considerations.

Each sign comes standard with a locking vandal cover made of the same graffiti and UV resistant TUFFAK® SL found in our sign faces. These vandal covers prevent the theft of letters or rearrangement into inappropriate messages, all while protecting your sign from the elements.

We stand behind each of our changeable letter signs with an outstanding warranty and superior customer support. The ability to communicate your custom message allows you to serve the community.

Low Profile Changeable Letter Signs

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Our changeable letter signs are the best in the industry! With premium locking vandal covers and a full set of changeable letters included, you'll realize the benefits of outdoor communication.

  • The locking vandal cover made from TUFFAK® SL opens to a full 90 degrees.
  • A Glide & Lock© support system keeps the open vandal cover safely in place.
  • A full complement of letters, numbers and punctuation are included.
Vandal Cover

Locking Vandal Cover

Our vandal cover provides peace-of-mind that your message will be displayed correctly until you are ready to change it. With hinges at the top and locks across the bottom, the cover opens and stays at a full 90 degrees, allowing the message to be easily and safely changed. Rather than using gas struts which typically fail with repeated use, our signs use our Glide & Lock© system (when applicable) to hold the cover in place.

Covers are made from the same graffiti and vandal resistant TUFFAK® SL as the sign face. UV protection built into the material prevents yellowing and cracking common with standard polycarbonate and Plexiglas covers. Unlike sealed vandal cover systems, these covers allow air to circulate at strategic points along the letter tracking. This prevents condensation, mildew and mold from building up on the cover and hindering the readability of your message.

Letters & Tracking

Letters & Tracking

Each changeable letter sign comes standard with a full set of letters, numbers and punctuation, as well as a storage case to house and organize them. Letters are injection molded with silk screened black characters. Designed specifically for changeable letter signs, our proprietary font is optimized for readability and maximum message length.

Unlike other institutional signage, the letter tracking on our signs is not glued to the sign face. Glues and other adhesives often fail or discolor with repeated exposure to sunlight. Instead, our tracking is riveted onto the face with white metal rivets; giving the sign a professional look that will last for many years. The white color ensures that the rivets cannot be seen at a distance.


Our Low Profile signs are available in a wide variety of sizes to suit your needs. Below are just a few of the most commonly requested sizes of freestanding signs. Contact us to learn more.

Leg height is adjustable to suit your needs.
All measurements shown are approximations; dimensions of final product may vary.


Our Low Profile changeable letter signs are highly customizable, providing your organization with a distinct appearance. Combined with our artwork capabilities, these signs will allow you to stand apart.

The available letter sizes are listed below, along with size recommendations based on your traffic speed.
Letter capacity per row is approximate; actual capacity will vary based on letters and spaces used.

4" Letters
Up to 30mph
6" Letters
Up to 45mph
8" Letters
Up to 55mph
10" Letters
Up to 70mph
3' x 8' Cabinet 5 rows
21 letters per row
3 rows
14 letters per row
3' x 10' Cabinet 5 rows
25 letters per row
3 rows
17 letters per row
4' x 10' Cabinet N/A 5 rows
17 letters per row
4 rows
14 letters per row
4' x 12' Cabinet N/A 5 rows
20 letters per row
4 rows
16 letters per row
5' x 12' Cabinet N/A N/A 5 rows
16 letters per row
4 rows
13 letters per row
Mounting Options

Mounting Options

Our mounting options range from free-standing to wall and masonry mounted signs. Our most popular mount, the Pedestal, gives your sign a more substantial and professional appearance. Custom mountings and leg heights are available.

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