Ways to Raise Funds for a New LED Sign

Civic organizations sometimes ask us for pointers on the most effective ways to raise money for their signs. Having been in the business for so long, we're happy to give an inside look at the methods that have yielded the most success!

Targeted Messaging

The best fundraising tool for your sign is your sign! Our cloud-based software comes with over 2,000 graphics and animations that promote your organization. From increasing membership and event attendance to offering services and message space, you can turn your sign into a revenue-generating machine!

Improve Recruitment

Reach out to the next generation of dues-paying members through dynamic messaging.

Promote Events

Inform passers-by and invite the public to participate in your fundraising activities.

Provide Services

Offer your facilities and services for rent, and sell LED display time for personal messages.

* Amount of detail and aspect ratio depend on the display's matrix size. Speak with your sign consultant for more information.

No funds? No problem.

To start seeing the immediate benefit of a new sign, we offer a no-interest payment plan to most organizations. Contact your sign consultant for plan details.

Business Sponsorship

Think about where your organization is located and what types of consumers see your sign every day, as your sign can be used as an advertising tool for local businesses. Approach these businesses explaining that sign advertising is the least expensive, yet most effective form of advertising - often at a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising. There are a few different ways to advertise with your new sign:

On the LED Display

On the LED Display

LED signs can be used to show business advertising along with your messaging. Because these messages are temporary and under your control, they can be removed when the terms of the sponsorship and the sign funding is complete.

Example: You sell advertising space on your sign for $1,000 per sponsorship. If this advertisement is shown 30 times a day over a period of 6 months, the cost to the business will be $0.19 per impression!.

On the Sign Pedestal

On the Sign Pedestal

Vinyl lettering or logos can be applied to the sign pedestal to identify your sponsor. Because this addition is meant for permanent display, this method is best used with a benefactor who has provided most or all of the funding for the new sign.

Example: Show an artistic rendering of the sign to the business with "Your Name Here", and explain that their business name will be seen for a decade or more from everyone driving by.

On Sponsor Panels

On Sponsor Panels

Your new sign can be built with a separate, backlit sponsor panel cabinet to identify local businesses or brands. Because the panels are replaceable, they can be up for renewal every year - making your sign a continuous revenue generator.

Example: Offer this space for $2500 per year. If the business declines to renew in the future, offer the space to another sponsor at the same recurring charge plus the price of new panels.

Online Giving

Collect funds through crowdsourcing websites! The following companies partner with non-profits and other organizations to meet fundraising objectives. You are given a unique link that you can use in your social media or print publications, which makes it easy for people to donate 24/7 from anywhere!


Many organizations have access to federal or local funds that can provide grants for facilities or outreach improvements. We have found that the strongest selling point for winning a grant is explaining how vital communication is for your organization.

How to Get Started

1. Design your sign. Work with your sign consultant to determine the proper model, size, mounting and placement of your new sign. This will give you a final fundraising goal amount.

2. Finalize your artwork. Our talented Art Department will create a stunning design with your organization's name and logo. A final artistic rendering will be provided to you for your use in fundraising efforts.

3. Create fundraising material. Ask your sign consultant for a fundraising poster of the new sign! Your members are often not aware of the organization's goal. Place posters around your facility showing everyone what the new sign will look like as well as how to donate.

Remember, signs are meant to be seen! Use your sign's artistic rendering to build excitement for the project!

LED Sign Fundraising Poster