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Christian Churches (Disciples of Christ)

Christian Churches (Disciples of Christ)

Dear Pastor,

Cokesbury is pleased to introduce you to Stewart Signs which offers a wide variety of signs, one or more of which will meet the needs of your church.

Stewart Signs' production of quality signs and customer service has met the standards that Cokesbury has set for all vendors which we use. The quality of their signs might only be surpassed by their dedicated service team, which will support your church's sign project from selection to installation. You will find the quality and service is available to your church at a very reasonable price.

When your church selects a sign produced and delivered by Stewart Signs, your satisfaction is guaranteed not only by Stewart, but also by Cokesbury. Few, if any, sign companies can provide this kind of assurance of quality for your church.

Thank you for allowing Cokesbury to introduce you to Stewart Signs, who will provide you with top-quality service and product.

Christian Churches (Disciples of Christ)
Successful Client
I appreciated the non-pressure approach you took after we first contacted you. I knew you wanted to sell a sign, but I also knew you were concerned about our needs and what would best meet them. That is not always the case in business!

Rev. Philip N. Curran, Minister
First Christian Church
Gibson City, IL

Successful Client
From start to finish, everything went as well as we could have hoped for. I would highly recommend Stewart Signs to any organization considering the purchase of a sign.

Tony Thacker, Moderator
First Christian Church Disciples Of Christ
Montgomery, AL

Successful Client
Unless you had gone through what our congregation experienced, there's no way you could even begin to understand what that sign meant to us once the winds died down.

Jo Ann Richards
First Christian Church
Port Arthur, TX

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