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National Association of Congregational Christian Churches

National Association of Congregational Christian Churches

Dear NACCC Member Churches,

I wanted to take a moment of your time to tell you about what I feel is a wonderful opportunity for growth and legacy in your church. It is important when you are investing the church's funds to use them towards facility improvements that will provide short-term as well as long-term benefits.

One of the most prominent ways to expand your congregation while enhancing your house of worship is to select the appropriate sign for your church. Reaching out to those members of your community driving by every day with effective signage and message displays can draw interest from outsiders and bring them to your services. Did you know that 10% of new members in churches initially visit because of the church's sign? Extending an invitation with a welcoming sign and heartfelt, insightful message could make the difference in someone's life and call them to God.

When the time comes for your membership to purchase an outdoor sign, it is my hope that you will remember our friends at Stewart Church Signs. Stewart Signs is the official church sign supplier to the National Association of Congregational Christian Churches and with good reason.

Building one sign at a time, the biblical principles present at Stewart Church Signs' inception in 1968 still navigate their business practices today. Manufacturing a high-quality, vandal-resistant product at a fair price has made Stewart Signs the industry leader in church signage.

An important part of a church's foundation is its members. To ensure that your church will continue to prosper and flourish with new members, consider installing an eye-catching, reliable sign. Your church will surely enjoy the benefits of a thriving congregation for years to come.

I invite you to get to know the knowledgeable sign consultants at Stewart Church Signs and have them show you how to effectively communicate with the potential new members driving past your church each day.

National Association of Congregational Christian Churches

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