Gas Price Changer LED Signs

Drive service station sales and impulse buys with our easy-to-use LED gas price changers. With large numbers made of super-bright LEDs, your gas station sign will be seen day and night. A slim form, daisy-chained power and signal cables, mounting brackets and operation by a single controller box make Stewart’s gas price changers incredibly easy to install.

Control up to eight units using a single wireless remote, and enjoy complete quality and safety assurance with UL Listed certification on every unit. For product installation and configuration information, download our Gas Price Changer Quick Start Guide.

  • Ultra-bright LEDs stand up to sunlight
  • LED cover helps prevent damage from vandalism and UV exposure
  • Red and green displays available
  • Adjustable LED brightness
  • Handheld remote control with LCD screen
  • Control up to 8 displays using a single controller box
  • 3-year warranty
  • UL Listed

Gas Price Changer

In addition to the benefits listed in our Why Choose Stewart Signs page, our Gas Price Changer offers the following features:

Remote Control Operation

Quickly and easily change your displays from a distance using a handheld remote control. An LCD screen shows current prices, editing functions and transmission status.


Daisy Chain Connection

Connect up to 8 gas price changer displays to a single controller box! The chaining of power and signal cables makes display installation easy.


Vandal Cover Protection
Your entire LED sign cabinet is protected by a tough, polycarbonate vandal-resistant cover. This added layer of protection prevents thrown objects from damaging your sign’s LEDs while keeping dust and dirt from accumulating on its bulbs.

Gas Price Changers are available with 12″, 16″ and 24″ high digits.
Both red and green LEDs are available for each size.

12″ 3 Large Digits + Fraction
Viewing distance 600′
Cabinet height 15.5″
Cabinet width 35″
Cabinet depth 3.25″
Power rating 36 watts
Available colors Red or green
16″ 3 Large Digits + Fraction
Viewing distance 900′
Cabinet height 19.75″
Cabinet width 44.25″
Cabinet depth 3.25″
Power rating 57 watts
Available colors Red or green
24″ 3 Large Digits + Fraction
Viewing distance 1200′
Cabinet height 28.25″
Cabinet width 63.75″
Cabinet depth 3.25″
Power rating 112 watts
Available colors Red or green

Gas price changer cabinets can also be built into freestanding sign structures of any size.
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