Low Profile Signs

Stewart’s Low-Profile signs offer the flexible messaging capabilities of a changeable letter sign at a lower overall height. If you’re in an area with zoning, clearance, traffic or line-of-sight considerations, the Low Profile is the perfect profile for you.

Available with variable leg heights, our Low-Profile models allow you to remain compliant without sacrificing your sign’s visibility. And as always, you can count on Stewart’s quality workmanship, an outstanding warranty and superior customer service. Speak with a Stewart representative to begin designing a high-impact low-profile sign tailored to your location and particular needs.

  • Lower clearance signs for zoning and architectural considerations
  • Locking vandal cover made from Makrolon SL® opens a full 90°
  • Glide & Lock© support system keeps open vandal cover safely in place
  • Full complement of letters, numbers & punctuation included
  • Lifetime warranty
  • UL Listed

Low Profile Signs

A locking vandal cover, silkscreened letters and durable riveted tracking are included with every changeable letter sign.

Locking Vandal Cover
Unfortunately, the stealing of letters or their rearrangement into inappropriate messages is a very real concern for today’s sign owner. The embarrassment and added expense incurred because of vandals can limit the effectiveness and enjoyment of your new sign. Stewart’s vandal cover gives you the peace of mind of knowing that your message will be displayed as intended until you—and only you—are ready to change it.


Hinged at the top with locks across the bottom, the cover opens and stays open at 90 degrees, allowing you to change your message easily and safely. Instead of gas struts, which typically fail with repeated use, Stewart signs use our proprietary Glide & Lock© system (where applicable) to hold the vandal cover in place. Better yet, these specialized prop arms are built to last the lifetime of your changeable letter sign.

The vandal cover is made from the same graffiti- and vandal-resistant Makrolon SL® polycarbonate as your sign’s face. Makrolon SL’s built-in UV protection prevents the yellowing and cracking commonly seen with standard polycarbonate and Plexiglas® covers. And unlike sealed vandal cover systems, Stewart’s vandal cover allows air to circulate at strategic points along your sign’s letter tracking. This prevents condensation, mildew and mold from building up on the cover and impairing the readability of your message.

Included Letters & Storage Case
Every Stewart changeable letter sign comes with a full set of letters, numbers and punctuation plus a storage case. All characters are injection-molded and silkscreened in black.

Designed expressly for changeable letter signs, our proprietary Stewart font is optimized for both readability and maximum message length. As an added bonus, we’ll provide you with 30 more free letters of your choice once you’ve received and used your sign!

Riveted Letter Tracking
Unlike the tracking on other institutional signage, Stewart’s letter tracking isn’t glued onto the sign face. Why? Glues and other adhesives often fail or discolor with repeated exposure to sunlight.
Instead, our tracking is attached to our signs using white metal rivets, giving you a clean, professional look that lasts. White rivets blend well with white tracking and will not be seen from a distance.

Not sure how big your sign needs to be? Compare available sizes using our scale diagrams.

Leg height is customizable.
All measurements shown are approximate; final product dimensions may vary.


Decide how big your changeable letters should be based on how fast traffic is passing by and how much text you need to fit.

Changeable Letter Sizes
Available letter sizes are listed below, along with size recommendations based on traffic speed.
Letter capacity per row is approximate; actual capacity will vary based on letters and spaces used.

Cabinet Size
Letter Size &
Traffic Speed
3’x8′ 3’x10′ 4’x10′ 4’x12′ 5’x12′
4″ Letters
Up to 30mph
5 rows
21 letters/row
5 rows
25 letters/row
—– —– —–
6″ Letters
Up to 45mph
3 rows
14 letters/row
3 rows
17 letters/row
5 rows
17 letters/row
5 rows
20 letters/row
8″ Letters
Up to 55mph
—– —– 4 rows
14 letters/row
4 rows
16 letters/row
5 rows
16 letters/row
10″ Letters
Up to 70mph
—– —– —– —– 4 rows
13 letters/row

Trim Options
Enhance your sign’s profile and complement your architecture. All trim pieces feature the same rust-proof aluminum and powder-coat finish as the rest of the sign cabinet.


Word Panels
For a seamless, streamlined look, Stewart can create custom word panels that slide into the letter tracking of your sign. Post names, times and regular events on a single durable piece that can be easily added, moved or removed as needed. Available as single or double lines of text, word panels can be as wide as your changeable letter area—or less, if desired. Our word panels are made of the same material as our changeable letters and feature silkscreened black text.

Want even more customization?
Make your message really pop with our array of graphics and color options.

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