Independent Outdoor LED Signs

The Polaris is our flagship LED sign for organizations that want maximum impact at any size! A separate, weather-resistant LED cabinet provides superior performance, reliability and security. These signs deliver unrivaled capabilities for reaching your target audience.

The complete Polaris sign is UL Listed. As the standard of safety and quality assurance, our signs undergo thorough and rigorous testing. This commitment to quality allows us to provide some of the best warranties in the business, and helps to ensure that your sign is safe regardless of electrical and environmental conditions.

Independent LED Signs

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This browser-based application allows you to quickly and easily update your message from any device. Includes over 1,700 images and animations in our built-in and constantly expanding media library! Available exclusively with Stewart outdoor LED sign products.

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Amount of detail depends on display resolution.

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The Tabernacle Church
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Our Polaris Independent Outdoor LED Sign is one of the most innovative LED signs on the market today.
In addition to the features found in our cloud-based software, we offer the following (standard freestanding sign shown).

Anatomy of a Polaris


Thes signs are available in a wide variety of sizes to suit your needs.
Below are just a few of the most commonly requested sizes of freestanding LED signs.
Leg height and width is adjustable to suit your needs. All measurements shown are approximations; dimensions of final product may vary.

Independent Outdoor LED Signs - Large

8mm Pixel Pitch

160 pixels high by 440 pixels wide.

Maximum of 20 rows of 2.2" text.

10mm Pixel Pitch

128 pixels high by 352 pixels wide.

Maximum of 16 rows of 2.8" text.

16mm Pixel Pitch

80 pixels high by 220 pixels wide.

Maximum of 10 rows of 4.4" text.

Learn more about pixel pitch and matrix size options
Independent Outdoor LED Signs - Medium

8mm Pixel Pitch

120 pixels high by 360 pixels wide.

Maximum of 15 rows of 2.2" text.

10mm Pixel Pitch

96 pixels high by 288 pixels wide.

Maximum of 12 rows of 2.8" text.

16mm Pixel Pitch

60 pixels high by 180 pixels wide.

Maximum of 7 rows of 4.4" text.

Learn more about pixel pitch and matrix size options
Independent Outdoor LED Signs - Small

8mm Pixel Pitch

80 pixels high by 280 pixels wide.

Maximum of 10 rows of 2.2" text.

10mm Pixel Pitch

64 pixels high by 224 pixels wide.

Maximum of 8 rows of 2.8" text.

16mm Pixel Pitch

40 pixels high by 140 pixels wide.

Maximum of 5 rows of 4.4" text.

Learn more about pixel pitch and matrix size options
Don't see the size you need? Don't worry!
In addition to customizing the cabinet and leg sizes, we have many more LED display sizes to choose from. Contact us to learn more.


These signs are highly customizable to your needs, and will provide your organization with a distinct appearance.
Combined with our artwork capabilities, this messaging platform will allow you to stand apart.

ID Cabinet Options

ID Cabinet Options

Each LED sign can be manufactured to include a cabinet designed to identify your organization. Identification cabinets are uniquely designed using your colors and symbol or logo. ID cabinets are available in the following heights: 1', 1'6", 2', 2'6", 3', 3'6", and 4'.

Communication Method Options

Communication Methods

An important aspect of purchasing an LED sign is the planning and preparation of how it will communicate over the internet with our cloud-based software. We offer several different methods of communication for our outdoor LED signs, including our most popular option of cellular connectivity through Verizon's extensive network.

Learn More About Communication Methods

Decorative Trim

Decorative Trim

Add visual appeal to your sign cabinet with decorative trim! These three-dimensional pieces are constructed of welded aluminum with a powder-coat finish for superior weatherability. Custom trim options also available.

Powder-Coat Colors

Powder-Coat Colors

Our sign cabinets and support structures undergo a rigorous powder-coating process with materials from TCI. Baked on using large industrial ovens, the coating creates a bond with the underlying aluminum. This chip, impact and graffiti-resistant material will stand up to the elements and keeps your sign looking great for years to come.

Custom colors are also available through a wet-paint process. Due to the limitations of displaying colors on a monitor, actual material colors may vary from images shown and are for example purposes only.

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