School Sign for Anderson High School

Anderson, IN

LED Sign for Anderson High School

Alexander Brandon, Principal: We did not have a sign at all. We wanted a communication piece to the community and from all the research that we had done and what had been recommended by the professionals, that LED is going to be the brightest. It's going to have the best clarity and promote our organization the way that we want it promote.

Laura Crenshaw, Secretary: I think at the beginning, the community supporters that were helping to sponsor this sign we're more concerned about the cost, but once they saw what the LED sign could do through Stewart Signs, they all jumped on board and decided that LED sign was the way to go to get the most for our money.

Alexander Brandon, Principal: The decision making process was one that involved cost, timeline, and community involvement. The sign was paid for by a group of professional men and women and also clergy men and women. So this is a community project and a community effort. And at the end of the day, we wanted the best product with the best support and Stewart Signs was able to provide us that.

Laura Crenshaw, Secretary: We wanted to make sure that the sign was up and running for our homecoming. That happens in the fall of the year around September.

Alexander Brandon, Principal: Stewart signs was able to not only meet the deadline but also overcome the obstacle of tunneling underneath the pavement and getting all the way to my secretary's window who actually has the module box in her office to control what goes on the sign and what does not.

Laura Crenshaw, Secretary: And we were up and running a day or so before homecoming. So that's a large attraction of people and it was exciting to see what the students as well as parents and community members thought when the sign was running for our homecoming last fall.

Alexander Brandon, Principal: The community paid for the sign, therefore all communication pieces inside and outside of the school that need to show up on the sign when school's in, when school's out, all the great events and extracurricular activities that take place here at Anderson High School are there and it's relevant to every driver and every passer buyer that comes by our school.

Laura Crenshaw, Secretary: And the community input has been incredible. The people that drive by call in to make positive comments about the sign and it's so exciting to see a student that's received a certain achievement and other than being recognized through the PA system, they can now actually physically see their name and their achievement out on the sign. That excites the students and the teachers and staff.

Alexander Brandon, Principal: And we've received nothing but compliments and Stewart Signs was excellent to work with the whole way.

Laura Crenshaw, Secretary: And I do all the programming from my office to program events. You can program them far into advance or the minute of, very easy to use.

Alexander Brandon, Principal: If you wanted a new sign, obviously go out and get several bids as you're supposed to do, but the end of the day, if they want a product that is going to work, a sign with clarity and a company that can get something done in a very short amount of time, Stewart signs would be who they need to contact to get it done.

Laura Crenshaw, Secretary: As I now drive by other schools and look at their signs, it's always one of those looking at their sign than ours. And I am proud to say our sign is one of the best ones I've ever seen. It's a great communication tool. The kids love it. Community loves it. I can't say enough. It's one of the best investments our school has ever made.

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