Church Sign for Beacon Baptist Church

Clay, NY

I went to write a note of comment about our "sign ministry". A lady who is a "teacher of meti-physics" just called me to say she liked one of the questions: "Do your things possess you?" She wants to visit Sunday. A month ago one of our people mentioned that a particular message brought conviction to her life. One couple now comes quite regularly now "because of the sign", and another lady we met on visitation knows us as the church "with the sign".

I must say that your sign has evoked more comment and interest in our church than anything we have ever done. Even though our sign was long in coming and smaller than we wanted because of a town ordinance, God is using it to speak to people. Continue to encourage your churches to resist displaying only information and sermon titles. Posting prayerful messages is a bit of work but it really speaks to many who will never read anything else.

Thank you for your service to us in providing a very attractive sign that is really doing the job.

Victor Watkins, Pastor
Beacon Baptist Church
Clay, NY

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