Church Sign for Bellfort Seventh - Day Adventist Church

Houston, TX

I just wanted to offer my testimony. In the fall of September 10, 2008 hurricane Ike hit the gulf coast. I was working out in the storm, as I am a police officer. We were patrolling the streets just before impact and immediately afterwards. One of the interesting things about that living breathing before and after assessment of the damage is that as you watch the devastation occur you have a different appreciation for the power of a storm.

I was completely in awe of the power of the storm and the speed with which the devastation occurred. As I rode out the storm and surveyed the damage to my own property I was anxious to see what damage occurred to the Church property. The property sustained in excess of $250,000.00 in damage. Much to my surprise and pleasure the Church Marquee was still intact. Not a single letter was missing from the sign. It was working exactly as it did pre-storm. In fact we used it to make the community aware that we would be functioning as a distribution center for relief items such as ice and water.

Was it Divine intervention or quality workmanship? I would venture to say a bit of both.

Raymond T. Stewart, BSDA Operations
Bellfort Seventh - Day Adventist Church
Houston, TX

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