Church Sign for Bethel Lutheran Church Elca

Muskego, WI

Church Sign for Bethel Lutheran Church Elca
This outdoor LED church sign has a 20mm 24x80 LED display with a 5' x 10' sign cabinet.
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Church Sign
Integrated Outdoor LED Sign

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Amount of detail depends on display resolution.

Fantastic work. Looking forward to more messages and the creativity it will allow you to have. You can clearly tell that there is signage at nighttime and it is noticeable. Prior to this, 75 ft in either direction and we were not noticed. That meant our old sign could hardly be viewed off our own property. This is a significant leap forward for Bethel communicating who we are, what and when we're doing it. I prayed for this moment for quite some time. I pray that it helps both God and Bethel do the Evangelical work that we often times are too shy or nervous to want to do. That sign can do a lot of "muscle" work to get people inside the church and prayerfully bring salvation to some of their lives.

Rodger Runyan
Bethel Lutheran Church Elca
Muskego, WI

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