Church Sign for Bible Center Church

Luling, LA

First let me apologize for my tardiness in sending along these comments on the Bible Center Church sign purchase and installation. We are still experimenting with our information format and attracting more attention with eye appealing displays.

Following are some of the comments we received: (I) That's the most attractive church sign I have ever seen. (2) I have traveled a lot and this church sign is more appealing than any I have seen. (3) I didn't know we had anybody here capable of coming up with such a beautiful sign. (4) I hope this expensive looking sign doesn't reflect on the rest of our facility.

We are really pleased with the beauty and the eye catching appeal the sign has, however, I believe the best comment came from our men who helped install it: "I have never seen anything as easy and simple to install." The most startling comments were about the price, surprise at the reasonable cost for such a quality sign.

Thanks from all of us for your help and support in this project.

Burl A. Mallory
Bible Center Church
Luling, LA

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